Can you reverse Osteoporosis without drugs? The answer is YES with this exciting new 12-Week Osteoporosis Protocol.

As I’m currently writing my own book on aging, I’m finding that a new book by my friends, Mira Calton, CN, and Jayson Calton, Ph.D., CISSN, Rebuild Your Bones: The 12-Week Osteoporosis Protocol is a “must have” for anyone concerned about bone thinning. And dear readers, you don’t have to be of advanced age to be concerned!

Mira was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis at the age of thirty, and from that moment on, her world was turned upside down. Her doctor determined that her bones had deteriorated to those of an eighty-year-old woman. How could this happen to someone who was living what she believed to be a healthy lifestyle? Her doctor, believing that her condition would not improve, could only offer a lifetime of prescription drugs to combat the increasing bone loss… and pain.

Discovery Leads to Reversal of Osteoporosis

Mira’s determination to figure out WHY this had happened to her led her down a path of discovery for an alternative, natural treatment. After spending several years and a small fortune, she was no better off and nearly resigned to accept the prescription medications after all. And that’s when she met Jayson! Having already helped thousands of men and women with a wide variety of chronic health conditions, Jayson felt certain he could help Mira. And together, they discovered that the key to building strong bones lies in the right combination of micronutrients—the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids in the foods we eat and supplements we take. They safely reversed Mira’s osteoporosis and their program can help you, too.

Naked Calories and Antinutrients: A Recipe for Disaster

It came as a shock to Mira that her so-called “healthy” diet was actually contributing to her micronutrient deficiencies, and ultimately, her osteoporosis. In fact, the majority of the foods many of us eat are micronutrient-poor, filled with what the Caltons call “naked calories”—foods that have been stripped of their essential, health-promoting micronutrients. Our diets are also filled with antinutrients—naturally occurring substances in certain foods that can reduce the body’s ability to absorb micronutrients. In Mira’s case, she was getting plenty of these naked calories and antinutrients, but very few of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids that her body needed to maintain strong bones.

In addition, they discovered that certain lifestyle habits, such as too much stress, caffeine or alcohol consumption, extreme exercising or poor sleep patterns may also be depleting essential micronutrients in our bodies. REBUILD YOUR BONES provides an easy-to-follow prescriptive plan to reverse these effects, including recipes and meal plans that will appeal to all readers (including keto, paleo, low-carb, vegan, and low-fat options), exercise advice, supplement plans, and checklists, including the forty healing habits that Mira used to reverse her osteoporosis.

I heartily recommend REBUILD YOUR BONES as the go-to guide for anyone who wants to safely and naturally reverse or stave off osteoporosis without drugs.

You will find REBUILD YOUR BONES in bookstores and on Amazon, or visit

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