Vitamin C – A Nutrient I love.

January 12, 2009
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

While there is so much these days written about every new fangled herb and nutraceutical under the sun, we forget the basics that are more fundamental and even more powerful. Vitamin C came to mind the other day when I was asked by First For Women to provide an “easy” mercury detox….Well, there is truly no such thing but if you want to keep your mercury at bay, you must eliminate all seafood (yes, even your beloved Atlantic salmon) for two months at least and increase Vitamin C during that time. Vitamin C acts as a precursor to glutathione -the most important liver antioxidant which mops up chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals (like mercury and lead and arsenic) as well as nasty free radicals.

How much? I would personally use anywhere from 5 – 10 grams per day of Time C (a time-released supplement that UNI KEY has been carrying for my personal clients for nearly fifteen years). It is buffered with magnesium and lysine.

A friend of my stepdaughter’s was just diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and the results from his battery of tests just came in: severe mercury poisoning. Almost every MS patient I see has a high degree of mercury hidden in the tissues. Mercury is rampant in the NorthWest becuase of the mining practices here. That, and copper.

I recently read about the work of a Vitamin C pioneer who was friendly with the Vitamin C pioneers – Linus Pauling and Frederick Klenner. His name is Dr. Charles Mary and he founded the Mary Clinic in New Orleans. Many years ago, Dr. Mary was diagnosed with colon cancer and he used megadoses of Vitamin C to cure himeself. He took 100 grams intravenously per day with other nutrients. No malignancy was found and today he is still cancer free.

This reminds me of the story of James Templeton, the founder of Uni Key who was diagnosed with Stage Four Melanoma. One of the treatments he used was 20 grams of Vitamin C per day.

Look, you can’t have real health in this day and time without some help from our nutrient friends. It is essential for good collagen so that your blood vessels are strong, flexible, and stay young. Every time you smoke you utilize 200 mg of Vitamin C. That’s the reason so many first hand smokers are so wrinkled and weathered looking; they have lost their collagen-building C. Oral C is one of the most vital bacteria and virus killers, too. Linus Pauling used to recommend 5 – 15 grams on a daily basis and 10 grams for the average individual.

I think the benefit of C is the pH. We need to maintain the stomach and large intestine pH that is slightly acidic so germs, bacteria, and parasites will be “kicked” out because the environment is totally inhospitable for their wellbeing. Vitamin C even works for constipation.

Back to New Orleans….The Mary Clinic was using tons of Vitamin C to fight the mold exposure that resulted from the flooding and excessive amounts of water. The “Katrina cough” was rampant and the Clinic used Vitamin C to get rid of it!

With all the water, snow, and standing pools where I live in the Inland Northwest, I think I will start adding back at least 10 grams of Vitamin C per day — I will also get this info to our dear Cheryl from UNI KEY who has been fighting molds, sinus, and the like since I have known her.

Can’t wait to report on the Vitamin C progress. Oh and if you have had a TMA and have heavy metals, as mentioned before C may be the ticket for you, too.

C you next week, gang.

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