Give Your Heart Some Much Needed Magnesium Love This Month

February 4, 2021

Hearts Love Magnesium

Without a doubt, magnesium is the heart’s most critical mineral! In fact, it has been scientifically confirmed that it is the heart’s #1 mineral of all.

Think of this: over 300 different enzymes are connected to this vital mineral and yet many of us are still terribly magnesium deficient. And to add insult to injury, too few cardiologists even prescribe it routinely to assist their heart disease patients. No wonder heart disease is still our Number 1 killer!

Many years ago, I worked with the legendary cardiologist and low-carb diet guru, Dr. Robert Atkins, and it was his belief that magnesium supplementation was needed by 98% of all his patients. He found the following benefits when his heart patients supplemented with magnesium:

  • High blood pressure decreased
  • Irregular heart rhythm stabilized
  • Optimum balance of potassium was maintained (another key cardiovascular element)
  • Larger volume of blood was pumped by the heart without needing extra oxygen
  • Constricted blood vessels were able to relax which enables blood to flow much more freely
  • Less frequent angina chest pains
  • Blood became less likely to form artery blocking clogs by not allowing platelets to clump together
  • HDL Cholesterol rised and unhealthy LDL Cholesterol declined

So in honor of this month, I want to direct your attention once again to my favorite heart healthy supplement – which is magnesium. And it’s not just ANY magnesium that I feel is important. I helped to develop Mag-Key for UNI KEY Health which contains four uniquely targeted forms of magnesium to effectively benefit all of the muscles (like the heart) as well as the brain and the GI tract.

Among its many heart healthy benefits, Mag-Key provides vital support for stable blood pressure and promotes healthy insulin response. It also aids in stress relief. And let’s face it – we could all use some of that right now! Plus, Mag-Key uniquely boasts all four of the most absorbable forms of magnesium in one capsule.

Unpacking Magnesium’s Brilliant Benefits

Magnesium Taurinate is especially targeted for your heart with its ability to suppress heart palpitations and arrhythmias. Magnesium Glycinate has a soothing effect on your mind, calming nervousness and irritability. It’s been shown to improve your powers of concentration as well. And if you’re having trouble sleeping, as many of us are these days, this form of magnesium helps you to relax and catch more of those coveted zzz’s.

Magnesium Malate supports your muscles, comforting your joints and nerves. It’s excellent for calming muscle fatigue and easing restlessness. Magnesium Orotate boosts DNA formation in your body, aiding heart function and repair. It also enhances athletic performance, helping you to get the most out of your daily exercise routine, even if that’s just a brisk walk outdoors in the fresh air.

For optimal heart protection, I recommend a dose of 5 mgs of magnesium per 1 pound of body weight per day. Typically, I recommend anywhere from 600 to 1000 mgs per day.

And after you check out my Mag-Key, please give a listen to my podcast with America’s cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, where you’ll learn the latest and greatest (and most effective) cardiovascular protocols. You’ll also find out what tests to ask for when you visit your cardiologist to lower your risk of heart disease and protect your loved ones.

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  1. Patti

    I do take Mag-Key before bed every night to help me stay soundly asleep. I find it’s the only magnesium that doesn’t cause loose bowels.

  2. Betsy K.

    I gave a bottle of Mag-Key to my 52 yr old son who was just diagnosed with high blood pressure. Within 3 weeks it came down to normal! We are so happy!!!!

  3. Ethel

    Dr. Sinata’s podcast is fascinating. Thanks for interviewing him.



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