What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Fatty Liver Disease

May 9, 2024
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

As an early advocate of liver health and author of bestsellers that explore its significance, I have long stressed its vital role. From turning food into energy to controlling hormonal balance and supporting healthy digestion, my writings on liver wellness highlighted its value to overall health and well-being long before mainstream medical professionals realized its relevance. Yet it’s alarming how often people leave doctor’s offices unaware they could be among the 80-100 million Americans affected by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
This condition spans a spectrum of liver issues caused by excessive fat accumulation and affects an estimated 75% of overweight individuals and 90% of those severely obese. Children are not spared, with NAFLD being the leading form of liver disease among American youth, a statistic driven by the escalating rates of childhood obesity. Sadly, NAFLD’s severe progression, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), is on track to become the primary reason for liver transplants by 2025.

NAFLD can often go undetected during routine medical check-ups until it has done significant damage, with symptoms only becoming evident once more serious conditions arise from its gradual progress. Early identification and management is key as many essential aspects of liver wellness can go neglected during exams; below I outline five essential yet often neglected factors essential for optimal liver wellness that require your immediate consideration and don’t wait until it’s too late; YOU have the power to take preventive steps now:

Hidden Sugars in Diet

It’s shocking how many are unaware of the role hidden sugars play in increasing liver fat. These sugars, often masked and added to “low-fat” products, can significantly boost liver fat and worsen NAFLD. Unfortunately, the nuances of these hidden dangers are seldom discussed in medical settings.
What to Do: Learn to identify and eliminate hidden sugars from your diet. My book, Get the Sugar Out, details how to spot these hidden sugars and make healthier dietary choices. If you are someone who wants a detailed step-by-step plan, check out my Fat Flush Plan that has been adopted by millions of people around the world. It offers a comprehensive approach to maintain a healthy weight, a critical step in protecting your liver from the onslaught of hidden sugars.

Silent Inflammation

Chronic, low-level inflammation is a stealthy enemy, quietly damaging liver cells and promoting fat accumulation. This kind of inflammation rarely shows overt symptoms, making it a silent contributor to NAFLD.

What to Do: An anti-inflammatory diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids is essential to combat this silent threat. Incorporating supplements like GLA-90 from Uni Key Health can also diminish inflammation, reversing the damaging cycle of inflammation and liver fat accumulation. (TIP: GLA-90 is also a beauty booster!)

Insufficient Bile Production

The significance of bile in fat digestion and toxin elimination cannot be overstated, yet its role is often underestimated in discussions about liver health. If you don’t have a gallbladder, this is especially important to address.
What to Do: To enhance bile production and support your liver’s detoxification processes, implement strategies from my national bestseller, Radical Metabolism. Discover simple things you can do to naturally stimulate bile production, such as eating bitter greens and using supplements like Uni Key’s Bile Builder to maintain healthy bile flow.

Iron Overload

Elevated ferritin levels can surreptitiously harm the liver, leading to severe conditions like fibrosis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Yet, routine checks often overlook this risk.
What to Do: Regular monitoring of your iron levels is crucial. Request a ferritin test to assess your stored iron levels. Aim to maintain ferritin levels within an optimal range of 50-70 ng/mL. Also, don’t add any more iron to your diet! Avoid cooking in cast iron, take only iron-free supplements like Uni Key Health’s Advanced Daily Multivitamin, and don’t forget critical liver-supportive nutrients like those found in Uni Key’s Liver-Lovin Formula which I helped to develop.

Environmental Toxins

Daily exposure to environmental toxins can significantly burden your liver, impairing its function. Unfortunately, the impact of these toxins is rarely addressed in depth during medical consultations.
What to Do:Educate yourself about these toxins and minimize exposure. Opt for organic foods, use water filters like CWR Environmental (save with code ALG) to reduce contaminants, and choose natural cleaning and personal care products to reduce indoor pollutants.

By confronting these often-neglected aspects, you can assert control over your liver health, going beyond the basic advice typically provided in medical settings. Empowering yourself with this knowledge and making these changes can significantly improve your liver function and overall well-being.


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Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books including The Fat Flush Plan series and her latest book, Radical Metabolism. She’s been rewriting the rules of nutrition for more than 40 years and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of diet, detox and women’s health issues. 

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