Help! My new job is making me fat.  After years of working as a go-go-go ER nurse, I’ve been promoted to an administration position. The pay is great but all the sitting has caused me to gain six pounds—and I’m only a month into the job! Do I have to overhaul my eating habits?

You don’t need to go on a strict diet. Recent studies point to a phenomenon called “the office15,” where people seem to gain about 15 pounds in the first few months of starting a desk job. The lack of physical activity causes a chronic rise in blood sugar and the stress-hormone cortisol, both of which can lead to belly-fat storage.  The good news: Scientists have found that even a tiny bit of activity at least once an hour keeps these fat-packing mechanisms in check. Try setting an alarm on your computer to remind you to move once or twice every hour. You can walk to the restroom or do a “deskercise” like rapidly tapping your feet for 30 seconds.  For even faster slimming , sip at least three cups of oolong tea a day. It balances blood sugar and cortisol levels, plus enhances healthy fat oxidation so more consumed fat is broken down rather than stored.

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