Why Am I Hungrier After I Eat?   Lately I’m ravenous after meals.  I started eating more protein when I read that it can satisfy hunger, but no amount of lean fish, nut butters or protein shakes helps.  The increasing number on my scale is a testament to this!  What am I doing wrong?

When people feel hungrier after eating, the culprit is likely a body-wide yeast or parasitic infection.  These organisms generate biochemical signals that the brain registers as hunger, and those signals intensify when the stomach is full.  Unfortunately, consuming more protein can worsen the problem since yeast lurks in protein powder and nonorganic nut butters, and parasites abound in fish.  To cleanse your body of these invaders, take a grapefruit seed extract (GSE) supplement for two weeks.  Health-food stores carry GSE, but I take Uni Key Verma-Plus and Uni Key Para-Key.  These products contain GSE and other antipathogenic herbs.

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