Episode 58
Pandemic Prevention and Protection at The Cellular Level – Episode 58: Dr. Leo Galland

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Leo Galland

Dr. Leo Galland
As one of America’s top doctors and leading physicians in the world, Dr. Leo Galland has now turned his attention toward conquering Covid. In this jaw dropping podcast, he discusses the best strategies to control Covid-19 which are quite different than what is done for other colds and flus. He also discusses the best nutrients, the best diet (low glycemic, low fructose, polyphenol rich) and how aerobic exercise can be helpful. He is a big believer in resveratrol, vitamin D and curcumin in supporting the body’s ability to protect against Covid-19, but he does have reservations about the use of elderberry. In addition, Dr. Galland is an innovator in the use of Ivermectin, the anti-parasitic drug, that has been extensively studied for a role in Covid-19. Tune in and check out https://drgalland.com/ for his complete guide to natural approaches and mitigation of Covid-19.

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