Episode 155
Liver SOS: Your Guide to Liver Resilience – Episode 155: Jonathan Landsman

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Jonathan Landsman

The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes the creator of one of the most popular natural health web sites in the world, Jonathan Landsman. Ann Louise and Jonathan waste no time discussing an increasingly disturbing trend. Did you know that over 100 million people in the U.S. alone are currently grappling with liver problems? This vital organ isn’t just a filter for toxins; it intricately impacts our hormone balance, blood sugar regulation, emotional regulation, and even our heart and brain health. A malfunctioning liver sends out subtle SOS signals such as high liver enzymes, unexplained chronic fatigue, obesity, brain fog, high heart rate, and more. Jonathan Landsman walks us through these distress signals, unraveling the intricate relationship between our lifestyle choices and liver health. From dietary pitfalls like excessive sugar and processed foods to the often-ignored processed vegetable oils—our choices matter. Our guest doesn’t just highlight the problems; he provides actionable solutions. From the fundamental importance of hydration and adequate Vitamin C to intriguing methods like hot ginger compresses and coffee enemas, he equips us with tools to navigate the path to liver rejuvenation. For more information check out www.NaturalHealth365.com.

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