Episode 148
Mastering The Zone Diet – Episode 148: Dr. Barry Sears

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Barry Sears

Learn the origins of the legendary Zone Diet and how it was initially developed to combat insulin resistance.  Please join host Ann Louise Gittleman as she sits down with Dr. Barry Sears, the renowned creator of The Zone Diet and a pioneer in the field of anti-inflammatory nutrition. In this eye-opening conversation, Dr. Sears sheds light on the dangers of no-to-low-fat diets and explains why eating is more than just nourishment; it acts as a drug-delivery system, affecting hormones and impacting our health profoundly. Dr. Sears also explains the concept of AMPK, the “master switch” of metabolism, and its pivotal role in longevity and why being in “The Zone” optimizes AMPK levels, leading to a longer and better life. He also shares fascinating insights into the dangers of PCBs, which he believes are more hazardous than mercury. His groundbreaking work on “precision nutrition” and a simple finger-stick blood test offers a new perspective on personalized dietary approaches. The episode also touches on the importance of selecting the right source of Omega 3 supplements, health benefits of the Maqui berry, particularly in reducing inflammation and addressing neurological conditions, and much, much more. For more information and resources, visit Dr. Sears’s website at www.drsears.com.


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