Episode 20
How Estrogen Can Restore Your Brain & Sex Drive – Episode 20: Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson

Sexy Brain - Episode 20: Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson
Sex hormones - especially estrogen - have been vilified for decades. But, according to Dr. Lindsey Berkson, they have recently been vindicated! Ann Louise asks Dr. Berkson some provocative questions about the findings published in her breakthrough book Sexy Brain. Dr. Berkson has been in clinical practice for nearly forty years, and consults with both patients and doctors internationally, combining science-based nutrition and hormonal strategies.

Breaking the Candida Curse

My best advice to combat cravings, bloating and brain fog! If you’ve overindulged, Candida albicans is a yeast organism always present in your GI tract, and when it’s in check, it’s a normal part of a balanced microbiome. When your gut is also full of natural,...

My Simple Summer Hacks to Flush Away Fat Fast

For way too many of us, eating healthy and losing weight has taken a back seat in the last year or two. But, this summer is the perfect time to get back on track. My Fat Flush Plan is a tried-and-true diet and detox program that can help address all of your hidden...

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