Episode 118
Shaking Up the Salt Myth – Episode 118: Selina Delangre

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Selina Delangre

Back in 1996, Ann Louise wrote a book called “Get the Salt Out.”  As she readily admits in this interview, she was not quite on target. Join The First Lady of Nutrition and Selina Delangre as they set the record straight when it comes to the critical necessity of the right kind of salt. Simply put, not all salt is created equal. While it is still important to get some of the salt OUT, it is also essential to keep the vital life sustaining salt IN! Selina Delangre proudly continues the extraordinary legacy of Jacques Delangre, her ex-father-in-law, as the owner of the most loved sea salt brand in the world, Celtic Sea Salt. For over 30 years, she has led the sea salt industry through trends and innovation and received endless testimonials from customers who have great results using her sea salt. Ann Louise and Selina waste no time discussing how our bodies are prominently made up of sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, and potassium and that these essential elements must be properly sourced to provide clean, sustainable high mineral salt. Selina is also the bestselling author of “In Her Element: Sea Salt, Surrender, and A Journey to a Whole Life.” You can learn more at: http://www.selinanaturally.com/

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  1. cindy

    My sodium levels typically run on the low side so I made sole’ water with pink salt. Any thoughts? I would love to know if I should also take potassium and other minerals at the same time? I do have a metal taste in my mouth so now getting concerned that it is a supplement I am taking. Maybe I should quiet them all. When I do stop the salt my skin becomes even drier and dehydrated. Thank you.

    • Web Admin

      As Ann Louise mentioned in her podcast, many people do need salt and it sounds like you definitely should continue supplementing. Taking with other minerals is not a problem.


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