Episode 156
The Number 1 Best Binder for Heavy Metals and Spike Proteins – Episode 156: Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Isaac Eliaz

The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast is proud to welcome Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a leading expert in the field of integrative medicine, specializing in cancer, detoxification and immunity. Based on his best-selling book, “The Survival Paradox,” Dr. Eliaz talks about something he refers to as the “survival paradox protein” galectin-3, and how it plays a key role in triggering cytokine storms, viral infections, immune dysregulation, organ damage and how galectin-3 contributes to many disease states. According to Eliaz, there is a relationship between galectin-3 and the infamous viral spike protein. Join Ann Louise and Dr. Eliaz as they discuss the scientifically proven benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin as a powerful binder when it comes to galectin-3 as well as a toxin binder for heavy metals in general that can profoundly benefit longevity and health. This special podcast offers insights on Covid-19, the spike protein, glyphosate’s pervasive dangers, optimal testing solutions, and much more. Discover how to transform your survival biochemistry and unleash your body’s innate and infinite healing capacity. Get the first 2 chapters of Dr. Eliaz’s book for free by checking out: https://www.dreliaz.org/opt-in/.

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