Episode 14
Top 10 Rainforest Remedies – Episode 14: Leslie Taylor

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Leslie Taylor

Take a deep dive into the rain forest and discover the healing plants and herbs that indigenous tribes have known about for centuries. Leslie Taylor is one of the world’s leading experts on rainforest medicinal plants and a leader in creating a worldwide market for the important medicinal plants of the Amazon rainforest. She gives us her Top 10 favorite rainforest remedies including nature’s secret for heart health, the plant extract that kills cancer cells 15 different ways, solutions for gout, Hepatitis B, kidney stones, and much more. Don’t miss this episode!

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  1. Kenny

    “Let this genuine woman’s great work not be destroyed by commercial and financial interests”. She has been a “Called One” in the True Natural Health Research and Practice. Again, Leslie Taylor’s sincere integrity should be protected. I have known this woman’s work ( The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs) for a long time and have used the information therein to cure my incurables without any doctor or the so-called natural health experts of which most of you belong.

    I intuitively sensed how you were reacting to her explanations of the wonderful medicinal plants during your podcast interview with her. Yes, her work is there for everyone and not for commercial interests. The instructions in her books are well simplied in such a way that any body can easily understand and follow in order to use those plants with good results. Try them yourself Louise. I have also been following you for years now especially your combined webinars and or or presentations on natural health. Again help to protect Leslie Taylor’s work and only direct your social followers to her work, her blog as she described in her last statements dying her interview with you to see for themselves. I have been in your email list for a very long time. Green blessings.

  2. Kenny

    Sorry for the typos ” during” instead.

  3. Marina Nieuwoudt

    I am very interested in this natural healing that really works.

  4. Rhonda Burns

    Truly one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard!

  5. aadil al'alim

    I love lovey your show.

  6. The God Seeker

    I love and love your show, keep up the good work.

  7. Henryk Mongiało

    Polak Padre Edmund Szeliga z Peru też sie zajmował roslinami leczniczymi z Amazonii opracował lei ziołowe i wyleczył ludzi z HIV. Zbadał 600 roslin leczniczych z Amazonii


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