Episode 2

Vitamin G: The Grounding Link To Wellness

Ann Louise Gittleman interviews Clint Ober, the discoverer of Earthing’s healing power

Clint Ober Podcast Guest

Join us for the second episode of The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast, featuring Clint Ober, the creator and discoverer of Earthing’s healing power. This episode gets into grounding as the most potent and free inflammation neutralizer we have. Through direct contact with the earth, free electrons can flow into the body resulting in an anti-inflammatory effect on positively charged free radicals. There are many health conditions that Earthing can improve. You can either go barefoot outside of the house or find indoor Earthing technology available at Earthing.com.

The Candida Yeast Connection to Cravings and Autoimmune Disease

Candida overgrowth affects your immune system, energy level, nutrient absorption, allergic response, and overall inflammation – and can lead to an autoimmune response. Have cravings for sugary snacks gotten the better of you lately and left you with aching joints and...

My Simple Summer Hacks to Flush Away Fat Fast

For way too many of us, eating healthy and losing weight has taken a back seat in the last year or two. But, this summer is the perfect time to get back on track. My Fat Flush Plan is a tried-and-true diet and detox program that can help address all of your hidden...

Hope and Healing for Parkinson’s – Episode 143: Martha Carlin

Episode 142Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Martha CarlinLISTEN Parkinson's disease is the fasting growing neurological condition in the country today. So, when Martha Carlin found out that her husband was diagnosed with this progressive illness, she went...

The Skinny on Summer Gut Health

Simple strategies to keep you slim with a happy, healthy gut Think of your microbiome as another organ, one that plays a role in nearly every process in your body – from immunity to inflammation, detoxification, hormone regulation, absorption and synthesis of...

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