Episode 114
Younger You – Episode 114: Kara Fitzgerald

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Kara Fitzgerald

Looking younger longer is a hot topic these days. So, it’s no wonder that the First Lady of Nutrition jumped on the opportunity to interview Kara Fitzgerald, ND, especially after Ann Louise spent years of research for her latest book, “Radical Longevity.” Join Ann Louise and Kara as they hit the ground running discussing Kara’s new book: “Younger You: Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer.”  Though getting older is inevitable and your ‘chronological age’ can only move in one direction, exciting new research shows that you also have a biological age, which scientists can measure by assessing how your genes are expressed through epigenetics. In this engaging interview you will learn that your genes don't dictate your fate and the root cause of all diseases is not driven by genetics. The two also discuss how DNA methylation - a process that influences which genes are turned on and which are turned off - powerfully influences your epigenetic expression. With assessment tools for determining your bio age, recipes, and plans for putting it all into practice, Dr. Fitzgerald’s “Younger You” helps you repair years of damage, ward off chronic disease, and optimize your health—for years to come.

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