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The Hormone Rescuer

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Restore your calm during the change—and after. If you’re in the throes of perimenopause or otherwise feeling betrayed by your body, there is relief in sight. You might not even realize that you’re experiencing deficiency-related symptoms. Do any of the following resonate with you? • Anxiety • Apathy • Body odor increase • Concentration problems • Constipation • Depression • Irritability • Memory loss • Muscle cramps • Muscle tremors Read More

The Calcium Conundrum

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Say no to overload via supplementation. Simply put, I’m not crazy about calcium supplements. That may come as a surprise because you’ve likely consistently been surrounded by the notion of “the more calcium, the better” since childhood. Whether it’s encouraging children to have a “milk mustache” or warning adults and seniors to take their calcium supplementation for the sake of their bone health and future mobility, the calcium push has Read More

Mad About Magnesium!

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Why Your Magnesium Supplement Isn’t Measuring Up Magnesium is to minerals what vitamin D is to vitamins.  As the “master mineral” and superstar of over 300 key metabolic functions, it reigns supreme in the mineral kingdom. However, not all magnesium supplements are created equal.   If high blood pressure, leg cramps, migraines, anxiety, irritability, depression, heart disease, unstable blood sugar or insomnia are still challenging your well-being, read on… As the premiere heart mineral, Read More

Do I Need A Calcium Supplement?

At my physical last week, my doctor told me I shouldn’t keep taking my calcium pill because it may be doing more harm than good. But I’m concerned about osteoporosis. Should I listen to his advice? The backlash against calcium supplements stems from a study in the journal Heart. Researchers found that the pills can increase the risk of heart attacks by up to 86 percent. But what reports on Read More

Mighty Manganese and Sexy Selenium: The Secret Bone-Building Minerals

Micro-minerals with a macro punch. Earlier this week I wrote about bone-building—emphasizing the right kind of calcium, along with vitamin K and vitamin D. Now, I’m going to focus on two bone-building minerals I didn’t write about then, which I feel are important enough to merit a blog of their very own: manganese and selenium. Both are contained in the Osteo-Key product I use and recommend for optimum bone health. The Read More

Make Varicose Veins Vanish

A powerful healing secret to beautiful legs. There is probably not a more frustrating topic than unsightly varicose veins, especially this time a year when you often have no choice but to have your legs on display. It’s starting to become a major source of concern among so many of my female clients. Females are much more likely to develop these veins— about three times more likely, to be exact— Read More

Is This Drug Your Secret Addiction?

America’s most popular drug is now inhalable. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news, I’m sure you couldn’t miss the FDA warning about the new AeroShot Caffeine Inhaler. The FDA issued a warning letter to the makers of AeroShot for “false or misleading statements” in their promotional materials which suggest that the product can be “both inhaled and ingested.” The problem is that the powder can be sucked Read More

Milk Maize

Getting the dairy-free calcium you need. For over ten years, we have seen the infamous milk mustache on celebrities, supermodels, and star athletes. The Got Milk? campaign ads are probably the most successful advertising campaign in history. You’ve got to hand it to the dairy industry. The ads must be working because Americans still consume more dairy products than any other nation. And we suffer from far more calcium-related degenerative Read More

SOS for Stress

Magnesium to the rescue. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Nuclear meltdowns. I can’t help but think of the ominous Chinese proverb, “May you live in interesting times.” Without a doubt, we are living with major Earth changes on a daily basis. When it comes to health, the single most important lifestyle change you can make these days is to optimize magnesium intake. Many of us are aware of the importance of both calcium Read More