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Taming the Sugar Monster

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Sugar does NOT bring out the best in us. Researchers have tried to convince us that sugar doesn’t cause hyperactivity, but any mother or teacher can tell you that it certainly does. The problem with the research is it’s looking at the blood sugar, and that’s not where the problem lies. The trouble lies in the effect sugar has on your brain chemistry, and how it feeds Candida yeast overgrowth. Read More

Sugar, Goblins & Ghosts, Oh My!

As Halloween approaches, I can’t help thinking about….sugar 🙂 Although the media would like you to believe otherwise, preventing the kids from overindulging in sweets is one of the most loving and health promoting things you can do for them. No kidding! Because of the far-reaching health problems associated with excess sugar intake (think obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hyperactivity, adrenal burnout, and skin problems), knowing how to reduce sugar at Read More