Turn on Your Internal Vacuum Cleaner to Get Rid of Toxins

January 19, 2011
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

TrampolineLove your lymph—to shed fat and cellulite.

You may have heard me say it before—there should be no diet without detox. Now new research in the journal Nature proves what I’ve been saying for decades—weight loss by itself can release a flood of environmental toxins into your bloodstream.

Researchers found the highest concentrations of the seven different pollutants they measured in study volunteers who lost weight. While weight loss is recommended to combat cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes, these same conditions are also linked to pollutants. No wonder Fat Flush has restored overall wellness to millions, while helping them lose and keep weight off!

Get Rid of Toxins Safely
Most of you know by now that the liver filters out toxins. But you also need to support your lymph, which is your body’s drainage system. The bloodstream carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body, bathing them in a rich fluid that’s pumped through the body by the heart. Then a watery fluid—lymph—carries away wastes and toxins from the cells.

Its very name, lymph, means water goddess in Latin. And if you treat this watery system right, it will remove toxins and enhance your immune system and overall wellness. Swiss researchers recently noted that the lymph system even helps fight inflammation, autoimmune disease, and cancer.

Ideally, lymph fluid moves through a complex network of needle-thin tubes (or lymphatics), collecting excess fluid from cells all over your body. Different body parts produce different types of lymph:

• protein-rich lymphatic fluid from your limbs
• lymph fluid full of white blood cells from your bone marrow, spleen, and thymus
• high-fat lymph from your intestines

The Fat Connection
Fat is the only food component that moves through your lymphatic system. So, if your lymph is not moving properly (draining fat and toxins out of your cells), your tissues will swell.

Not only can this bloated, water-logged tissue pack on 10 to 15 pounds of excess weight, but a sluggish lymph system can also cause cellulite (that spongy, dimpled fat on thighs and buttocks). The accumulation of wastes and toxins in the cells distends fat in the subcutaneous layer just under the skin.

“A deficit lymphatic system must be addressed if cellulite is to be dealt with effectively,” says British physician Dr. Elizabeth Dancey. A Brussels University study using lymphangiograms to examine lymph flow in women shows that every woman with cellulite had poor lymph flow.

Unlike blood (which is pumped by the heart), your lymphatic system has no pump. You need to get up and move—exercise—to keep watery lymph moving effectively through its many ducts and channels.

I firmly believe that the behavior of the lymphatic system is the way we know that nature intended to us to be active, vigorously moving creatures—instead of couch potatoes or stressed out workers chained to our desks. Mother Nature didn’t plan on an 80-hour work week or 24/7 cable TV and Internet!

Rebound Back to Health
Even if you’re short on time, you can give your lymph system exactly the boost it needs by rebounding on a mini-trampoline. “Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man,” says Albert E. Carter, the father of rebounding in America.

In fact, one recent study shows that rebounding burned about as many calories as walking on a treadmill—without exposing you to “impact forces” that can lead to shin splints, stress fractures, and other injuries. Up to 80% of all aerobic-related injuries come from microtrauma and stresses—exactly the type of injuries that working out on a rebounder prevents.

I use ReboundAIR—the highest quality rebounder and one that will last a lifetime. This is the very same rebounder tested and recommended on TV’s The Biggest Loser and The Doctors.

Created by Carter himself, ReboundAIR mini-trampolines work both with and against the force of gravity, stimulating lymph flow. Rebounding impacts every cell in your body, squeezing out toxins and wastes, then draining them out of your body.

After just a few minutes of rebounding each day—inside where it’s warm—you’ll feel better, notice tighter abdominal muscles, improved skin elasticity, and less cellulite. That’s because rebound exercise fires the cellular metabolism, energizing every cell with nutrients. So, turn on your internal vacuum cleaner with ReboundAIR, lose fat and cellulite, and boost your immune system in the process

Rebounding is so simple and so much fun that you may be tempted to rebound too long. Start off slowly and work up gradually, rebounding 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Always warm up first, and wear comfortable clothes (sports bra, T-shirt, tights, and cross-training shoes for ankle support and traction). Stop rebounding if you feel any discomfort or pain, and always come to a complete stop before stepping off your rebounder.

The Fat Flush Plan
The Fat Flush Fitness Plan


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  1. Roxanna

    My mother has had a hip and knee replacement. She doesn’t feel steady on a normal rebounder are there any other types of rebounder machines that she can use or any different exercises that may help move the lymph fluid?

  2. Gwenny

    Dear Ms. Ann, Do you supply any discounts for the mini rebounder in order for us to purchase it from Al Carter? Thanks in advance

  3. Jann Bolick

    I thought you were suppose to use the rebounder with barefeet. I thought I read that in your first book.

  4. Lorna

    Roxanna, she can put a walker backwards and at full height right next to the rebounder to hol steady, or she can sit on it and you can gently use your foot to make it bounce…this will still move her lymphatic system, although not as well

  5. Chandra

    I tried rebounding, and ended up injured after only a few minutes. I think it’s
    because I have very skinny, weak ankles. My ankles and feet were so sore I could
    barely walk. It lasted for weeks. Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

  6. Administrator

    Best way to bounce is to simply KEEP feet on the rebounder, if you have weak ankles. Actually, if you wear socks, you won’t slip. This info is from Fat Flush for Life 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Good

    I loved my rebounder, but with chronic severe lyme my back weakened, and with the pain from movement & tweaked lower back, had to give it up. SO wish I could do it again!

  8. Sadie

    To Roxanna: Good quality rebounders have a stabilizing accessory bar you can fic to the rebounder so those who have such challenges can hold onto the bar while they bounce. Does your Mother’s rebounder have one of these? I use a Needak rebounder and I have the bar that goes with it.

  9. Lisa

    Elizabeth- Unless you find still too painful, you can try as Lorna recommends- sitting on it, and gentle bouncing your body. Just that will help move your lymph.

  10. Lisa S

    Sitting and bouncing on a fitness ball can have the same affect.

  11. liz

    Too bad you haven’t tried rebounding. It has so many positive benefits and no bad effects if you stay that the level that is appropriate for your body.


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