What if I told you it’s NOT a normal part of aging to wake up with aches and pains and need a nap by midday?

What if I told you there is a healthy way to lose weight and boost your energy – even when you’re over 40?

The moment she woke up, Julie knew it was going to be a difficult, painful day with her fibromyalgia. Was it the weather? Something she ate last night? It seemed like no matter how much research she did, how many diets she tried and supplements she bought, nothing made a dent in the pain and fatigue that greeted her every morning. And the longer it went on, the more her weight went up. Then Julie found the plan that turned it all around…

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with an autoimmune or mystery illness like fibromyalgia, most of us are all too familiar with occasionally waking up to pain and stiffness, or not having enough energy to get through day. Many of us, at some point, develop an “over 40” metabolism that slows down and we gain weight around the middle that just doesn’t seem to budge no matter what we try. Do I have good news for you!

If you are fat and fatigued with a sluggish metabolism, thyroid issues, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, or just want to lose weight the healthy way, then my Metabolism Reboot Course and Radical Metabolism plan are perfect for YOU! In the final part of my FREE 5-part Metabolism Reboot Mini Course, I’m sharing the hidden secrets from Radical Metabolism that people like Julie – and YOU – need to know to lose what’s been weighing you down and holding you back from the life you enjoy.

Feel Great and Lose the Weight

If the scale won’t budge for you on Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, or other diets that worked so well for your friends, don’t give up hope! I’ve had thousands like you, the so-called “slow losers,” lose an average of 8 to 16 pounds just on the Radical Metabolism warm-up 4 day cleanse. The first weight you lose on this cleanse is “false fat” or water weight, but it’s important to lose that inflammatory fluid to reduce your overall inflammation levels, flush toxins, and jumpstart your fat-burning metabolism.

And it doesn’t stop there! Radical Metabolism is NOT a rehashed high fat diet. It’s full of the latest research on fats, proteins, and carbs – all of which are essential components of a healthy diet. Without carbs, it’s difficult to balance hormones. Finding your protein “sweet spot” is essential for success – excess protein gets converted to sugar and stored, while too little protein can cause you to lose precious lean muscle mass. (I’ll help you find your protein sweet spot in Radical Metabolism.)

Without the right fats, you can’t restore health at the cellular level – and the good-for-you fats that are research-backed may surprise you. The right fats in the right ratio give you tight, glowing skin, help resolve acne woes, rev up your fat-burning metabolism, and even take care of your aches and pains. I’m not talking about coconut oil and avocados (though they both have their health benefits), I’m talking about oils you may never have even heard about that heal digestive disorders (like acid reflux) and calm inflammation, among their many superpowers.

Be Fearless in Your Desire for Health and Healing

With Radical Metabolism, I truly went outside the box and rewrote the rules of nutrition – again. While my Fat Flush plan has helped thousands upon thousands lose the weight and keep it off, I saw people who needed more. People with thyroid disorders who still struggled to feel well, people with autoimmune diseases who needed their pain levels to decrease, and people with mystery illnesses who all but lost hope of ever feeling better, much less losing weight.

I knew it was time to dig deeper, and look at what’s happening at the cellular level that needed healing. Like you, I needed to set all my preconceived ideas aside and be fearless in the pursuit of whatever it takes for even the slowest loser with fatigue and autoimmune disease to regain their health and get control of their weight. Fortunately, science is on my side and I found the “holy grail” of untapped research showing that detox, combined with certain fats that restore health at the cellular level, along with added components that support gallbladder health (even when it’s been surgically removed), all come together in what seems like magic to boost energy, wake up a sluggish metabolism, restore digestive health, and even calm the aches and pains so many of us experience.

Does this all sound to good to be true? It isn’t! Sign up for my FREE Metabolism Reboot mini-course and get a glimpse of what has worked for the thousands before you – including Julie – who are now restoring their health, feeling better than they have in years, and finally losing the weight. It’s your turn!

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