4 Steps to Lose Belly Fat Faster

July 20, 2022

Muffin top. Spare tire. Potbelly. No matter what you call it, belly fat isn’t funny.

Studies show excess belly fat can skyrocket your risk for a long list of serious health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, cancer (both breast and colon), gallbladder problems, sleep apnea and much more. 

Unfortunately, getting rid of belly fat can be easier said than done. In order to keep your organs safe, our bodies isolate fat-soluble toxins, which in turn, stockpile in the tummy. Belly fat (and the toxins stored within) can be extremely difficult to lose without a detox strategy that focuses on the breakdown of fat cells (lipolysis) and autophagy which is the cellular cleanup process that gets rid of dysfunctional cells and makes way for new cells. 

In this blog, learn how to move these processes along to both lose stubborn belly fat and the toxins that are stored within. Here are some simple ways to trick your body into unloading excess belly fat fast and easy:

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4 Proven Ways to Release Belly Fat Faster

4 Proven Ways to Release Belly Fat Faster

Your body is pretty remarkable. As part of its extraordinary plan to keep your organs safe, it isolates fat-soluble toxins, many of which in turn, stockpile in the tummy. Belly fat and the toxins...

The Lightning-Fast Way to Whittle Your Middle

The Lightning-Fast Way to Whittle Your Middle

Supplement with fat-burning CLA. Earlier this week I wrote about the beautifying, fat-blasting, and disease-fighting benefits of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), but I can’t tell you about GLA without...

Fat Flushing CLA

Fat Flushing CLA

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The Surprising Way to Burn Belly Fat
Quick Tip

The Surprising Way to Burn Belly Fat

With summer in full swing, surveys reveal 80% of us are spending more time than ever outdoors. And getting out in the mornings before it gets too hot is a smart move for weight loss. 

Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition reveals that going for a walk in the morning before breakfast helps burn 20% more belly fat than walking after the morning meal. That’s because the body burns up energy stored in muscle cells overnight, so when you move before a meal, the body has to switch to burning stored fat for fuel!

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Is CLA a Belly Fat Fix?


I’ve been talking about CLA for years as a go-to remedy for belly fat. A study in the International Journal of Obesity found that CLA supplementation reduced body fat by up to 8% without changes in diet and exercise!  Wow! Learn more in this short video clip…

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“I call this the ‘liposuction nutrient’ because it works so well to blast fat off my trouble spots.”


Want to shrink away pounds and inches without giving up your favorite foods… and even if you’re a “slow loser”? Studies show it’s 100% possible!

The secret: Increase your intake of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), all-natural fatty acid that researchers are calling the “liposuction nutrient” thanks to its ability to blast fat off your trouble spots. 

One reason CLA works so well to help you burn off pounds and inches is because it slows production of lipase, an enzyme that tells your body to store fat. So instead of storing dietary fat as jiggly, stubborn pounds, you’ll be burning it for easier weight loss and more energy!

On top of that, studies show that CLA can also help build lean muscle and increase functional strength. I was one try of the first to tout the awesome fat-burning, muscle-building power of CLA. And I’m proud to partner with UNI KEY Health to offer what, I believe, is the purest and most potent CLA supplement available today, CLA-1000.

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The New Fat Flush Plan

My tried-and-true weight loss plan that’s helped millions of people lose weight, harness the power of foods, reignite metabolism, fight cellulite and blast belly fat while improving overall health and wellness!

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