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March 4, 2016

Nature’s Answer to Cancer

The miracle cure I stumbled across on vacation.

When I boarded the plane to St. Thomas, one of the beautiful Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, I had no idea what an unexpected discovery I’d be making! It had been a good 15 years since my last “real vacation,” and it was long overdue. I was looking forward to some relaxation on white sands, dips in the sparking blue water and even a bit of sight-seeing here and there. So, I booked a private tour of the island with a very highly recommended guide to see what St. Thomas had to offer!

As luck would have it, the tour guide, David, was very interested in health. When he learned about my background and then discovered some of my books in the only health food store on the island, he was beside himself.

He couldn’t wait to take me to his friend “Pablo” who had a small farm with a roadside stand. Pablo cultivated a variety of tropical fruits. One in particular, known as soursop – also called graviola – was revered as Mother Nature’s most potent cancer combatant.

David told me about an experience he’d had with a woman during a recent excursion. When David stopped at Pablo’s roadside stand and saw the soursop fruit, she ran over and “kissed” it and began to cry. She told David that soursop had cured her throat cancer 10 months prior and she was now virtually “cancer-free.”

I vowed to learn more about this miraculous cure when I returned home.

Here’ s what I found out.

Nature’s Answer to Cancer

It’s purported to cure these types of cancers:

– Ovarian
– Breast
– Lung
– Prostate
– Liver
– Pancreatic

And as it turns out, a growing number professionals, survivors and researchers with a passion to eradicate cancer are “blowing the lid off” of this incredible fruit. In fact, the U.S. government conducted the first “official’ scientific study on graviola’s potential for curing cancer in 1976.

What is so amazing about graviola as a cancer treatment in lieu of chemotherapy is not just that it wipes out cancer cells. According to the September 2014 Health Sciences Institute Newsletter, several studies over the years have found that while it kills malignant cells (even proving effective in fighting cancer cells that have become resistant to chemotherapy), graviola also leaves the healthy cells alone.

Yet, graviola has been kept a secret.


Long story short, Big Pharma could NOT recreate the components of graviola in a lab and could not patent the natural fruit itself.

That would have been the end of graviola, if it wasn’t for one courageous researcher named Leslie Taylor. A cancer survivor herself, she authored Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest and The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs. She formulated the products Graviola Max and Graviola Liquid Extract, through Rainforest Pharmacy.

There are a lot of “unproven” graviola formulas out there, which is why you may wish to stick with Rainforest Pharmacy’s reliable line.

Preparation Before Treatment

Prior to beginning the use of graviola, please note the following:

– If you’re treating prostate cancer, know that it’s common to see a slight increase in PSA numbers when you first begin treatment. This is believed to happen because the body will need to slough off dead skin cells.

– You should not combine graviola with Co-Q10, magnesium, vitamin C, and many B vitamins.

– It may lower blood pressure, so please check with your doctor before usage if you have low blood pressure or are taking low blood pressure medicine.

– Large single dosages may cause nausea. To avoid, take graviola with food.

– Long-term use may lower the count of friendly bacteria in your gut, so it’s a good idea to also take a probiotic daily. I recommend Flora-Key, which contains ten billion beneficial bacteria per serving.

– You should be doing this anyway, but be sure to faithfully consume your eight glasses of water each day.

I am enthralled with this remarkable rainforest fruit! It has a number of benefits beyond cancer as well. It fights arthritis, parasites, congestion, flu, ulcers, edema and stress, for starters.

I look forward to shedding light on “forbidden cures” in future blogs. Would love for you to share your thoughts!!

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  1. Galina

    This is very interesting and exciting ! I can emmedistely think of s see friend I need to share this with.
    Do u have a direct website or contact where to order the pure firm of this fruit?

    • Team ALG

      We do not. Since graviola is so new to us, we suggest clicking on the link in the website for the Graviola Max or Liquid as per HSI’s article.

  2. Kay

    It is very interesting! If you are taking the supplements that you recommend not taking the graviola with, and you want to take the graviola as a cancer preventative – how do you obtain the benefits of the supplements that you need to eliminate? This sounds terrific and exciting! Also, by the way, your post on Clear Passages has gotten me to a talented rolfer in my area – which has changed my life after a terrible fall in 2010. Thank you!

    • Team ALG

      So glad you were helped by ALG’s recent blog on adhesions. The precautions about graviola are primarily geared to those who are fighting cancer. You should be fine if you are simply using it as a preventative.

  3. Martha

    know of someone who is now in hospice and has multiple cancer tumors in his lungs.
    Is it too late for him to take graviola?

    • Team ALG

      We cannot truly answer your question but have heard that many have used this at every stage of cancer — with success.

  4. Sara

    So can I take this as a preventative while taking supplements? B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin c are all in foods I eat as well!?!

    • Team ALG

      We believe so, Sara.

  5. Mary

    This sounds really a good thing. Asi have tongue cancer, and would love to try it. I am diabetic 2 as well . Would this help me, and where can you purchase it.

    • Team ALG

      Mary: Thanks for posting. Your best bet is to call the company which makes Graviola Max and try to get your hands on the HSI newsletter which they may be able to send to you. Best of health!!!!

  6. Diana Fraser

    Great information! I will research Leslie Taylor’s book as I have a good friend fighting cancer! I also am curious about the answers to the questions above about the interaction with preventive vitamins and minerals in supplements and foods that the article mentions should not be combined with Graviola.

    • Team ALG

      Dear Diana: The section in the blog is derived from the HSI article which ALG sources in her blog. The contradictions are primarily for those using the product when fighting full blown cancer…not as a preventative. Contacting the company that produces the Graviola Max and Liquid would be your best bet.

  7. Team ALG

    We suggest you click on the links in the blog and contact the manufacturing company for any other questions. Thanks so much and best of luck!!a

  8. Amy

    Thank you! Little known cures plus readily available spices, herbs and foods are my favorite way to treat problems and to stay healthy. Please keep the fascinating, wonderful information coming!

  9. Lynn

    I read about Graviola long ago – it was sold by Raintree I believe – I googled it and Amazon comes up (I believe the Raintree site stopped selling it due to the FDA and and they are now a database of plants only). This link gives info and Health Science Institute articles on it:

  10. Lynn

    Note: I see Raintree Pharmacy products on Amazon when you google Graviola.

  11. Tracy Cheri Jones

    Hello I am interested in a plant based or vegetarian version of one of her books. I have very successfully used the Fat Flush plan along with my mom who has had years of success with it as well. I have been a vegetarian for several years now and just turned 49. I would be very interested in a program that is focused on that lifestyle. It is because of the Fat Flush Diet I stopped eating beef, then pork..eventually going vegetarian.



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