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Ask Ann Louise

I Can Eat Fat To Get Thin?

I’ve become obsessed with reading nutritional labels and counting every gram of fat I eat. But even though I’ve pared my fat intake to 15 grams a day, I still can’t seem to shed these 10 extra pounds. My sister says fat actually helps people lose weight, but I don’t believe her. How can this possibly be true? Believe it or not, you do have to eat fat to get Read More

I’m Dieting And Exercising But Gaining Weight!

For the past two weeks I’ve faithfully been following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Last night I weighed myself and found out I lost 12 pounds! I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to weigh myself again this morning. I thought I’d be even thinner, but instead I gained back three pounds. What’s the story? Chalk it up to plain ol’ water weight. Salt intake, hormonal changes, perspiration-all Read More

Could Copper Overload Be Making Me Exhausted?

I’m absolutely exhausted all the time. It takes me forever to wake up in the morning and at least three cups of tea to feel alert. But other than that I’m a healthy 31-year-old. My doctor can’t find anything wrong with me. I stick to a vegetarian diet that includes protein from shellfish and soy, and besides birth control pills, I’m not taking any medications. Is my diet missing something? Read More

Are Carbs Making Me Tired?

After 10 years of yo-yoing on every fad diet out there, I’ve finally discovered one that works for me. It breaks down to 70 percent carbs, 10 percent protein and 20 percent fat. Over the past six months I’ve lost 50 of the 60 extra pounds I’ve been lugging around. Even though I should be celebrating, I’m just too exhausted and edgy to even think about it. I thought losing Read More