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Taking Care of Our Elders

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Keep your freedom – age well and live at home into your “golden years” with these helpful hacks. We tend to be complacent as long as everyone is functioning well. But no one thinks they’ll get sick until they get sick, or become injured until they fall. If you can foresee potential problems and head them off with these safety and wellness hacks while things are status quo, you can Read More

Smooth and Creamy Valentine’s Day Dessert

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Fat Flush Chocolate Indulgence I’ve never met someone who didn’t enjoy the occasional sweet indulgence, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day. So, in honor of this beloved holiday, known for decadence and romance, I have decided to share the recipe for one of my favorite smooth and velvety desserts: Share with your Valentine, or, better yet, make it as a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself! Ingredients ½ avocado 1 Read More

Merry Giftmas

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Countdown to Christmas. The holiday season is merry, bright, and… busy. If you are scrambling for that last minute gift for that special someone on your list, I want to share with you what I am gifting family and friends this year. Here are my top picks that I hope convey love, gratitude, and holiday cheer and may be just the right gift for one of your loved ones. Jo Read More