Have you heard the phrase, “Change is inevitable, but growth is optional?” Even if you feel fabulous on Fat Flush, it may be time for you to get Radical, especially if you still struggle with fatigue, thyroid problems, or autoimmune disease.

For more than 40 years, my career has centered around rewriting the rules of nutrition – championing new ways of thinking about weight loss, nutrition, women’s health, the environment, detox, and beauty. I’ve watched countless trends and fad diets come and go; I’ve seen essential nutrients vilified and vindicated; and I’ve seen research emerge that has broken every rule we thought was set in stone, only to break new ground and reach new levels of healing.

At every stage, when I’ve unearthed groundbreaking research that I know will change the health and lives of those who come to me looking for guidance, I’ve felt a sense of urgency to get this information out to you in a way you can understand and apply to your lives for success. In the 30+ books I’ve written, I’ve been dedicated to blazing a trail through the science of nutrition, weight loss, detox, and holistic healing.


Fat Flush Detox Signs


I broke all the rules when I wrote my bestselling Fat Flush Plan. Our country was on a proverbial witchhunt for all fats, and I proved these essential fats were necessary not only for our health but also for weight loss. I also showed you that detox is essential for successful weight loss. Thousands upon thousands of you have lost countless pounds and inches following this plan and are understandably extremely loyal to it.

A change would do you good.” – Sheryl Crow

I stay on top of current research and updated the Fat Flush Plan to reflect the deeper understanding we have gained of nutrition and detox since the plan first came out over 15 years ago. And for most of you, the Fat Flush Plan is all you’ll ever need to maintain your health and your weight.

But, there’s another group, who are slow to lose weight, have an over 40 sluggish metabolism, feel tired all the time, and struggle with autoimmune diseases, mystery illnesses, and thyroid disorders. For this group, it’s time to get Radical – Radical Metabolism, that is.

Your Genes Are NOT Your Destiny

I am a firm believer that regardless of your genes, your biology is NOT your destiny. You may feel tired and sick all the time, but you are not a slave to your genetics. You can override your genes through the new science of epigenetics.

Epigenetics is teaching us that the environment we are in – from the food we eat, to the water we drink and bathe in, and the air we breathe both outside and inside our homes, to the environment inside our bodies where our cells are – determines our overall health and which genes are switched on at any given time. By changing our environment, we can change our health, our metabolism, and our weight.

Regardless of what you may have inherited, your tendencies toward diabetes, heart disease, cancer, thyroid disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and more – with the right diet, the right detox, the right thoughts, the right exercise routine, and the right stress relief, you can mitigate, control, or reverse most outcomes to live life with health, energy, vitality, and at a healthy weight.

This is just a small part of the science Radical Metabolism is based on. So if you find yourself digging deeper and looking for more than a solid weight loss plan, it’s time for you to get Radical.

Beyond Fat Flush to Radical Health

In this day and age, we have to become kitchen chemists and health detectives to put our fingers on the triggers behind any dysfunction, imbalance, troubling symptom, or disease. That’s a tall order for anyone, and is why I wrote my new Radical Metabolism plan. I broke all the science down for you into 5 Radical Rules for health and weight loss, and I take you step-by-step through the plan to help you find the root causes of what’s making you feel sick and tired and unable to lose those stubborn pounds and inches.

The bottom line is – it’s NOT your fault! I believe you when you tell me you followed the Paleo or Keto diet to the letter and either didn’t lose weight and felt bloated and sick all the time, or lost the weight only to have it come back the second you went off the diet. (Hint: Radical Rule Number Two, Restore Your Gallbladder, is just what you need to get your fat metabolism back on track and relieve the bloating and flu-like feelings you get with high-fat diets.)

Radical Metabolism is all about:

  • Healthy, essential fats,
  • Low-glycemic carbs, and
  • High quality proteins in just the right amounts, to
  • Rebuild your health at the cellular level,
  • Jumpstart your slow metabolism, and
  • Boost your energy, while
  • Detoxing your body daily,
  • Detoxing your environment,
  • Repairing your gut,
  • Rebuilding your microbiome, and
  • Building lean muscle mass so when the weight comes off it stays off.

When Do I Fat Flush and When Do I Get Radical?

I’ve been asked a lot about when to use which plan for the best success. Some people have said the Fat Flush Plan is like getting a thorough detailing and “once over” of your car while Radical Metabolism is like getting an engine overhaul and a deep steam cleaning. The good news is you really can’t go wrong with either plan, and Radical Metabolism and the Fat Flush Plan work well together!

When you need to get your weight loss started or your health back on track, you can start with either the 3-Day Fat Flush Cleanse and move into Phase 1 of the Fat Flush Plan, or you can do the Radical Metabolism 4-Day Radical Intensive Cleanse and move into the 21-Day Radical Reboot.

If you move forward through the Fat Flush phases and you reach a weight loss plateau, consider switching over to Radical Metabolism to do more intensive detective work on the toxins that are slowing your metabolism down. If you’ve lost all the weight you want to on Radical Metabolism and are living a low toxin lifestyle, you may want to maintain on Fat Flush phase 3 to keep your weight consistent for the long term.

However you decide to use these plans, either by sticking to just one or combining them together, my staff of nutritionists and I will be there with you every step of the way, in both the Fat Flush Nation and Radical Metabolism Facebook groups.

I’ve been an instrumental part of a great deal of change in how we approach weight loss, what we think we know about nutrition, and even how we perceive and what we believe about healing for more than 40 years, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I will continue to dig deep into new research and share this knowledge with you, through my websites, social media, books, and whatever new technology comes along that brings us together.

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