My 2012 Fat Flush Soup Recipe- Customize Soups for Your Special Needs

January 24, 2012


It’s back – and more slimming and delicious than ever!

Exclusively released in the January 23, 2012 First for Women magazine, we have been receiving rave reviews from all over the country on the updated version of the “homemade soup that makes your body released trapped fat.”

Since the issue is no longer on the stands, First has graciously granted us permission to reprint the recipe in this blog for those of you who were not able to secure a copy.

All you have to do is savor the soup twice a day – preferably at lunch and dinner— with a small salad or bowl of steamed non-starchy veggies. Throughout the day, sip on herbal teas (dandelion or peppermint tea), lemon and water, plain water or unsweetened cranberry juice with water (1 oz of juice to 7 ounces water) so that you are consuming at least 64 oz of liquid.

Start the day with a protein rich breakfast in the morning. I would personally suggest a Fat Flush Body Protein smoothie with its 20 grams of clean vegetarian based-proteins per serving to help kick-start glucagon, the protein-based hormone that mobilizes fat from storage. Or choose any of the easy protein-packed breakfasts, you will find in the Fat Flush Plan, Phase 1.

And now the recipe…

2012 Fat Flush Soup

2 tsp. olive oil

1 ¼ lbs. lean ground beef, turkey or chopped chicken*

1 large onion, peeled and chopped

1 large red, orange and/or green pepper, seeded and chopped

1 large zucchini or yellow squash, chopped

8 oz. mushrooms, chopped

2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

1 bottle (46 oz.) reduced-sodium tomato or vegetable cocktail juice

1 can (15 oz.) pinto, garbanzo or black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can (14 oz.) crushed tomatoes

1 Tbs. fresh lime juice

1 Tbs. ground cumin

1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper, or to taste

1/4 cup each fresh cilantro and parsley leaves, chopped

1: In saucepot over medium-high heat, cook oil 30 sec. or until heated. Add beef, turkey or chicken. Cook 5 min. or until cooked through, stirring occasionally. Remove from skillet; drain, if desired.

2: In same saucepot, cook onions, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and garlic 5 min. or until vegetables are crisp-tender, stirring occasionally.

3: Stir in next 6 ingredients and cooked meat. Add up to 1 cup water to thin soup, if desired. Cover; bring soup just to a simmer (do not let boil). Reduce heat to medium-low. Let simmer 20 min., stirring occasionally. Stir in cilantro and parsley. Cover; let simmer 5 min. more. Garnish with shaved Parmesan cheese, if desired. Soup can be stored up to 5 days in the refrigerator or frozen.

*Or for vegetarian option, omit meat and add another can of beans.

Serving size: 2 to 3 cups (makes 10 to 12 cups)

Soup Tweaks
What has made this Fat Flushing soup especially popular is that you can tweak the basic recipe to speed weight loss if you are a thyroid type and are tired, constipated, depressed or experience extremely dry skin; an adrenal type and are frequently stressed, crave salt, and lightheaded; a liver type, plagued by headaches and bloat; or are fending off yeast and are constantly craving carbs and have frequent GI distress.

Mix and match the various recipes and eat the soup that is designed to quell any of the symptoms you may be experiencing. All the tweaks blend beautifully together! Please refer to my blog from January 3, 2012 for further information.

To boost the thyroid, simply add two teaspoons of Seaweed Gomasio to provide thyroid nourishing iodine. Also add 1 cup of potassium-rich zucchini.

For adrenal healing, add ½ teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt for added adrenal-supporting sodium and also add 4 to 5 cups of escarole and spinach for extra rich magnesium content.

To help detoxify the liver, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric which is a potent anti-inflammatory that enhances the liver’s ability to filter toxins. And, for those fighting Candida or other types of yeast and fungus, consider substituting ½ cup grated daikon (a white radish) for the mushrooms— which can increase yeast in sensitive individuals. Double up on the yeast-fighting garlic (4 cloves) and add a small peeled and chopped eggplant which is rich in antifungal nutrients.


Watch my video blog for more information on the #1 soup diet sensation that’s captured a nation!

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  1. Roseanna

    I have been on the FF soup on & off since March & lost 25 pounds. I have a protein shake for breakfast at 8 am then piece of fruit @ 10 lunch at noon 2 1/2 cup of soup dinner at 5:30 3-5 oz lean meat 2 cups veggies and if hungry a small snack. 6 glasses cran water and 1 glass peach mango green tea. I have had great success thanks

  2. Kim Canese

    I get on thé fat flush everysummer when I come to the united states, and I really enjoy the long life cocktail. I live in the Indian ocean on an island and I cannot find any kind of cranberry juice. What could I substitute the cranberry juice with ? I would really apreciate if someone could give me some advice. Thank you

    • betti

      You can use Pomegrante juice, 2 oz of juice in 30 oz of filtered water or you can use 2 Tbs of apple cider vinegar to 1 qut of water.

    • Susieb

      If you didn’t have a reply yet, you can substitute pomegranate juice for the cranberry juice.

      • Team ALG

        If you are intolerant of the cranberry juice, you may use pomegranate juice in half the dilution of the original cran-water recipe.

  3. connie

    Hi doing a giggest loser contest was thinking of doing your soup diet would that help me shed lbs fast what else can i eat with the soup to make this a diet. thanks for help connie

  4. karla kay

    If I am allergic to tomatoes, what can I use instead for the base broth?

    • Sierra

      Low sodium or homemade chicken or beef broth will do just nicely 🙂

  5. michelle

    What can you add to the fat flush soup recipe to help with constipation.

  6. liz

    Usually the beans are helpful enough. Besure you are drinking 64 oz of water or cranwater per day too. Also taking magnesium, especially at night before you go to bed, can be the answer. UNIKEY has a good quality magnesium that is 400 mg.

  7. Lani

    I am a vegetarian. Can I still do this without the animal protein?

  8. Susan Lorraine Knox

    I can’t afford to buy your smoothie breakfast. Also, I live outside the US and the mails are so undependable that it would never arrive in my mail box and then the post office would charge me extra for it. What can I use to substitute that?

  9. Susan Lorraine Knox

    I can’t afford to buy your breakfast and I live outside the USA and the mail service is not dependable and the neighbors rob mail boxes so I have a P:O: box and the post office would charge me extra for any packages. What can I use for a breakfast?

  10. jill

    can someone please tell me how does phase 2 start off just until i get the book..PLEASE…i started phase1 on april 23 and lost 10lbs the first 3days,another 4lbs 3days later so on the 7 day i weighed my discover i gained back 4lbs..can anyone tell me why :{

    • Sierra

      Try adding a small sweet potato to your diet until you get the book! Then read the protocol more thoroughly. Fluctuations are very common in the first phase, hence the recommendation to only weigh yourself every two weeks 🙂

  11. Deborah

    I have tried just about every diet, I’ll give the Fat Flush a try. Thanks

  12. Janice

    I really dislike mushrooms! Can I leave then out or do I need to substitute something for them?

    • Sierra

      You may simply leave them out 🙂

  13. Jackie

    CAn u tell me the nutritional values of the soup please? Calories? Fat? Protein? Carbs?

    • Sierra

      Hi Jackie, The Fat Flush Soup Diet is not designed as the type of program that requires you to keep track of those numbers. So long as you get 2 servings daily, along with a protein shake, 2 eggs, and 2 servings of fruit, you’ll be all set!

  14. Cloe

    I made the ff soup today n did not have cumin so I added taco seasoning since that has cumin in it. Later after adding it I read the additional ingredients and they included cane sugar. Ughhhh do you think typos will alter my results? I only added a teaspoon of two of the seasoning. In excited soup smells n looks delicious. Thanks

    • liz

      Don’t worry about it, enjoy your delicious soup but be sure to check all labels carefully. Adding sugar can make a difference especially if you are insulin resistant.

  15. Cloe

    Sorry for the typos . Autocorrect loll

  16. Nyana

    would like to try but can’t have the beans they react with my gout, any suggestions?

    • Team ALG

      You may omit the beans if you like!

  17. Linda r

    Wondering how many calories per serving?

    • Team ALG

      Fat Flush is not a calorie counting plan. The energy that is provided by the soup may vary greatly depending on the ingredients used.


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