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Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

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January 24, 2012

My 2012 Fat Flush Soup Recipe- Customize Soups for Your Special Needs


It’s back – and more slimming and delicious than ever!

Exclusively released in the January 23, 2012 First for Women magazine, we have been receiving rave reviews from all over the country on the updated version of the “homemade soup that makes your body released trapped fat.”

Since the issue is no longer on the stands, First has graciously granted us permission to reprint the recipe in this blog for those of you who were not able to secure a copy.

All you have to do is savor the soup twice a day – preferably at lunch and dinner— with a small salad or bowl of steamed non-starchy veggies. Throughout the day, sip on herbal teas (dandelion or peppermint tea), lemon and water, plain water or unsweetened cranberry juice with water (1 oz of juice to 7 ounces water) so that you are consuming at least 64 oz of liquid.

Start the day with a protein rich breakfast in the morning. I would personally suggest a Fat Flush Body Protein smoothie with its 20 grams of clean vegetarian based-proteins per serving to help kick-start glucagon, the protein-based hormone that mobilizes fat from storage. Or choose any of the easy protein-packed breakfasts, you will find in the Fat Flush Plan, Phase 1.

And now the recipe…

2012 Fat Flush Soup

2 tsp. olive oil

1 ¼ lbs. lean ground beef, turkey or chopped chicken*

1 large onion, peeled and chopped

1 large red, orange and/or green pepper, seeded and chopped

1 large zucchini or yellow squash, chopped

8 oz. mushrooms, chopped

2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

1 bottle (46 oz.) reduced-sodium tomato or vegetable cocktail juice

1 can (15 oz.) pinto, garbanzo or black beans, rinsed and drained

1 can (14 oz.) crushed tomatoes

1 Tbs. fresh lime juice

1 Tbs. ground cumin

1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper, or to taste

1/4 cup each fresh cilantro and parsley leaves, chopped

1: In saucepot over medium-high heat, cook oil 30 sec. or until heated. Add beef, turkey or chicken. Cook 5 min. or until cooked through, stirring occasionally. Remove from skillet; drain, if desired.

2: In same saucepot, cook onions, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and garlic 5 min. or until vegetables are crisp-tender, stirring occasionally.

3: Stir in next 6 ingredients and cooked meat. Add up to 1 cup water to thin soup, if desired. Cover; bring soup just to a simmer (do not let boil). Reduce heat to medium-low. Let simmer 20 min., stirring occasionally. Stir in cilantro and parsley. Cover; let simmer 5 min. more. Garnish with shaved Parmesan cheese, if desired. Soup can be stored up to 5 days in the refrigerator or frozen.

*Or for vegetarian option, omit meat and add another can of beans.

Serving size: 2 to 3 cups (makes 10 to 12 cups)

Soup Tweaks
What has made this Fat Flushing soup especially popular is that you can tweak the basic recipe to speed weight loss if you are a thyroid type and are tired, constipated, depressed or experience extremely dry skin; an adrenal type and are frequently stressed, crave salt, and lightheaded; a liver type, plagued by headaches and bloat; or are fending off yeast and are constantly craving carbs and have frequent GI distress.

Mix and match the various recipes and eat the soup that is designed to quell any of the symptoms you may be experiencing. All the tweaks blend beautifully together! Please refer to my blog from January 3, 2012 for further information.

To boost the thyroid, simply add two teaspoons of Seaweed Gomasio to provide thyroid nourishing iodine. Also add 1 cup of potassium-rich zucchini.

For adrenal healing, add ½ teaspoon pink Himalayan sea salt for added adrenal-supporting sodium and also add 4 to 5 cups of escarole and spinach for extra rich magnesium content.

To help detoxify the liver, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric which is a potent anti-inflammatory that enhances the liver’s ability to filter toxins. And, for those fighting Candida or other types of yeast and fungus, consider substituting ½ cup grated daikon (a white radish) for the mushrooms— which can increase yeast in sensitive individuals. Double up on the yeast-fighting garlic (4 cloves) and add a small peeled and chopped eggplant which is rich in antifungal nutrients.


Watch my video blog for more information on the #1 soup diet sensation that’s captured a nation!

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  1. Sierra

    Sirena, You can have 2 servings of low glycemic fruits and berries per day! The cran-water is fabulous. Please enjoy that is you like!

  2. Deb Luginbuhl

    The Fat Flush soup is very tasty – I wondered if there is a nutrition information summary for the located somewhere on the website? I have the book but I won’t be able to access it for three weeks. Many thanks, Deb

  3. Kim

    I made this tonight and it was tasty. I felt like I needed more spices, probably because I neglected to purchase the cilantro and parsley…oops. I used the recipe out of the magazine and used 1 3/4 pound of meat. I will make that modification next time as well. Thank you for the recipe.

  4. Myra

    I’ve tried this soup once from the first recipe and it was great. Now im going to try this recipe with new version. My question is how many serving do i eat at lunch and dinner? Is it 2cups at lunch and 2 at dinner? I think the first recipe was 3 cups. I need to lose at least 30llbs in 30days so i hope it works! thanks ladies

  5. Myra

    Im trying to research the breakfast menu on fat flush phase plan 1. Where do i go for the menu?

  6. Sierra

    Deb, Here’s the data the test kitchen provided:

    Here are the various calorie options which is dependent upon the type of protein:

    90% lean ground beef: approximately 523 calories

    Turkey: approximately 420 calories (assuming mix of dark and light)

    Chicken approximately 441 calories (assuming mix of dark and light)

    *Calories based on:

    – 2 cup serving (according to our feedback is more commonly consumed)

    – average 10 cup yield

  7. Sierra

    Hi Myra, You can have 1-3 cups per lunch and 1-3 cups per dinner.
    If you’d like to get some good Fat Flush Friendly breakfast ideas, I recommend getting the Fat Flush Plan book. Here is a link! >

  8. Adeline

    I am excited and nervous to start this plan – I am hypothyroid, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and can now add pre-diabetic !!

    I am dreading starting – any words of wisdom out there ???

  9. elaine

    i have made the soup and my husband and i both love it . although occasionaly lightheaded. what snacks and what fruits are advisable for this diet, although i don’t feel hungry in between meals. i am used to occasional diet friendly snacks.
    thank you

  10. lisa

    Adeline: You will enjoy the soup. It’s very satisfying. You may want to have a piece of low glycemic fruit occasionally since you are hypothyroid.

    Elaine: You can have all the non starchy veggies as snacks that you want. Up to 2 pices of low glycemic fruit per day too, like an apple, orange, pear or a cup of berries.

  11. Laureen

    How long can you stay on this soup diet. i would like to lose 50-60 lbs.

  12. Katie Malcolm

    Can I lose 20 pounds in a month

  13. lisa

    Laureen: We suggest that you do the soup for 2 weeks, take a week break and then you can do it again for 2 more weeks. During the break we suggest that you follow one of the Fat Flush plan ways of eating.

    Katie: We have heard of people losing that much. It depends on your own personal factors.

  14. sara

    I have been eating the soup for a few days. I have a headache and feel dizzy. I don’t know if its from the diet.

  15. Leslie

    In Jan, I made the soup from the magazine while my whole family was recovering from the stomach flu. I made it with turkey. Even my kids loved it and clamored for another batch after we had polished off the first one. I am not “following the diet” but have added it as a starter to our meals, about 1/2 cup every night. We all need to lose a few pounds and with the volume of tasty veggies I am no longer nagging my kids to eat all their veggies. We all feel better and have more energy when we eat “our healthy soup.” Thank you so much!

  16. Marie

    Just curious – The calorie count seems rather high for 2 cups of mostly vegetables, beans, liquid and lean meat ….. ?!

  17. Start

    Hi , can I do the soup after my 2week shakedown , on my week break, like that I can start my shake down smoothie for 2 weeks after.
    I need to lose 40lbs by the end of march , is that the right way to do it
    Thanks all

  18. Sierra

    Start- You have the right idea! Follow the Smoothie Shakedown for two weeks, then for a week you can do two servings of Fat Flush Soup and one smoothie, then go back for another two weeks of Smoothie Shakedown! If you want to include the soup as one of your Shakedown meal options, just withhold the beans from the recipe 🙂 Good Luck!

  19. Dina

    Hi, tried the soup but i have drouble to go to bathroom.WHY?
    Also can i have at least one black coffee. i do have headaches without coffee. Thanks

  20. lisa

    Sometimes when you change your existing diet it effects constipation. Try taking some magnesium, up to 1200 mg/day. Also UNI KEY has a great fiber and herbal formula called Super GI Cleanse that could do wonders.

    On the Fat Flush Plan, Dr. Ann Louise does allow one cup of organic coffee.

  21. Rose

    “Just curious – The calorie count seems rather high for 2 cups of mostly vegetables, beans, liquid and lean meat”

    Marie, It seems a bit high to me also.

    I’ve made the soup a few times varying it slightly each time, and my nutritional summary has varied between 176 calories and 255 calories for two cups of soup.
    I always use Jennie O all breast meat turkey, and I don’t add as many beans, this may be why mine is different. I usually add 4 cups of chopped spinach.

  22. Linda B

    This was really good. I traded the onion for garlic powder as I cant tolerate onions. This was so easy to make. I did add some corn to jazz it up a litle and wasnt too interested in quick wt loss. It went well with the beans. Love the diced zucchini and squash and the tomatoey base.I used roasted chicken and am trying with diced turkey breast this wekend.

  23. Isis

    Is there a vegetarian/ vegan version of this that isn’t reliant on soy? Can I add an extra cup of beans or lentils?

  24. Barb

    My husband and i did the detox and he did not go to the bathroom for a good week. Why is that and is that normal?

  25. char

    i have a heart problem and also a severe thyriod problem also;to the point of it basicly completely shutting down . –will i have a problem doing this diet with the heart condition?

  26. rox

    I was recently diagnosed with AFib. I would like to use all the ingredients in the Smoothie Shakdown recipes, however, I have read that the Omegas act as blood thinners and I have to take a blood thinner twice a day. I know I can leave them out, however, I feel I like am giving up an important part of the program. Any suggestions or info contrary to the blood thinning issue with the omegas? Thanks so much for your help.

  27. Chell

    Just curious… In the Fat Flush Plan book, there is a list of food combinations to avoid. One being, mixing proteins, such as beans with meat. Wondering why this recipe calls for both.

    Another combo that is listed is fruit with veggies. Why? There isn’t an explanation in the book. I used to love a handful of apples chunks or berries in my salads. Haven’t been doing it, but miss it.

    Overall, this has been a fabulous program. I’ve lost 17lbs since Jan 3. I’ve stuck to it religiously. Don’t feel hungry and it is working.

  28. LT

    Hey everyone! I will be making my soup tomorrow! But I was curious to know because nobody was mentioning it but how is the weightloss coming along? Is anyone seeing results within a few days, a week? I would like some feedback, Im going on a cruise in April and really want to shed quite a bit before the trip! I already have the smoothie shakedown and I felt sick from doing so I decided to try this option instead. Thanks!

  29. liz

    Isis: just add more beans

    Barb: That is not normal and not good. We suggest taking some extra magnesium to help relax your colon. It works for many people to take 400 mg before bed. Sometimes when you radically change the intake of food, this can happen.

    Char: Anytime you reduce your food intake to this level, you want to consult your doctor.

    Rox: Omegas do thin the blood slightly. They are helpful during the program. You may want to work with your Dr. on the dosage of your blood thinner, by monitoring it more closely during the plan.

  30. liz

    Chell: it’s true the soup is not 100% according to food combining rules. When there is a small amount, with water, your body can digest them better than in more concentrated amounts. With fruit, it is best to eat it first and away from everything else because it digests in the large intestine but if it is mixed with other food it is slowed up and ends up fermenting in the stomach causing gas and yeast.

  31. Rosie Cortinas

    Hi I just started eating my soup yesterday eventhough I don’t like mushrooms Im eating them. I am asking good to help me and to give me the will power to stay on this diet I usually don’t. My question is I am drinking the Lipton green diet tea for both lunch and supper is that okay? My breakfast is 1 greak yogurt a day and If I have the curve to eat something I eat an orange, apple, cucumber or carrots . I hope I’m doing this right please help I’m so confused. It’s hard to know if Im eating the right foods. I want to loose some weight it is very frustrating to be fat when you used to be skinny.

  32. Shandy

    For 10 servings using the Esha Food Processor and selecting lean ground chicken, I get 13 ounces per serving 250 calories, 11 grams fat, 290 mg sodium, 20 grams carbs, five grams fiber, 8 grams sugar, 17 grams of protein.

    Excellent! Can’t wait to try it!

    Thanks Ann!

  33. Megan

    The Fat Flush Plan book never mentions avocados. What’s the latest word on this amazing and yummy veggie ? =)

  34. Elizabeth

    I had the soup for lunch/dinner this week, and I do feel better. I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight because I haven’t weighed myself. My question is, can I still drink coffee (black) with this diet? I have been drinking coffee, as I never thought of it as a hinderance to the diet, but I just wanted to check in on the answer.


  35. liz

    One cup of organic coffee is ok. However, referring to Dr Ann Louise’s recent blog, caffeine does depleat the adrenals.This eventually slows down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight..

  36. Mary

    Has anyone lost weight. What about water retention?

  37. Emily Brooke

    I want to do this with my 14 year old daughter, who has a new diagnosis of mood disorder – possibly bi-polar. She has been on Lithium since September and has gone on and off Resperidone and Abilify which are anti-psychotics – they are very toxic and drove her hunger as if she was starving. She has gained 30 plus lbs. since September and I have wanted to do the fat-flush with her. She has become hypothyroid because her being on Lithium (which is helping stabilize her moods). I would love any additional directions and advice to get her and me back to health. I am 50 – hypothyroid and my own stress and obvious adrenal exhaustion taking care her. I want us both to regain our health and have a solid foundation for her and me to heal. Thank You!

  38. Trish Forsberg

    I just started the SOUP diet Monday, March 19th, 2012. I have gained about 20 lbs over the past 3 years, despite my attempts of healthier, organic eating. My vices are SWEETS and GLUTEN. I believe I have sensitivities to these and am eager to see if I feel better eliminating both with this diet. Not only have I gained weight, but I also have trouble with acne, stomach bloat, itchy scalp, loss of energy, lack of motivation, depression and trouble sleeping at night. I am subbing matcha green tea for coffee, sparkling water with cran or cherry juice for wine, and a piece of fruit when I do have a sweet craving. Rather than focusing on what I am giving up, I am trying to focus on what I will gain… which is hopefully better health and more vitality! 3 days in and I am still bloated… I too have felt light headed and have even gotten a couple extremely painful concentrated headaches. I am HOPING this is what they call die off of some kind. I will check back and note progress and am eager to hear how others are doing!!!

  39. Linda B

    I am making this soup for the third time. Today I am adding 3/4 cup of barley. It’s claim is to lower cholesterol and it does add a little color. We have used this soup as a jumpstart to help my husband who is a diabetic to lose a few pounds. It is very filing and we love the tomato flavor.

  40. Janet

    After following the soup diet for two weeks, can I then go to the Spring FF for Life and then continue on with FF for Life? I have about 50 lbs to lose.

    • liz

      That sounds like a good plan.

  41. Jean

    A co-worker and myself been on the soup plan starting two weeks. Will we benefit still if we not eat soup on Saturday and Sunday, but eat healthy food instead. We eat soup M-f and not on weekend. I may say, I am feeling much better. I have substitued Diakon, Seasalt, Tumeric into my soup. I am on blood pressure and Cholestrol med. and believing that this will help me, and one day I will not need to take the Meds. My plans are to do the soup two weeks and off two weeks. I need to lose 20lbs. by August. Thanks.

  42. Jasmine

    I was surprised to see this recipe online, because I have been taking this soup for the last week. I just completed the mastercleanse diet and I didnt want to go back to eating meat – at least not right now, so I omitted the meat and replaced it with brown rice. I also lost about 8 pounds and I dont wanna regain it. Good thing is that I havent regained not even 1 pound. I actually got this from the mastercleanse book but I didnt know was doing a fat flush, I am super excited. The soup is tasty and filling and I love it. Good luck to all of you.

  43. Jessica

    I LOVE the Fat Flush Soup too! I’ve looked into the Master Cleanse soup recipe myself, but it’s definitely different than the Fat Flush Soup which has meat and no potatoes…gotta love my protein! There are lots of new studies about soup keeping you full longer, so I’ve noticed that a lot of popular diets have soup plans now!

  44. Janet

    What is the sodium content of the FF Soup? I read elsewhere that it packs 1185 mg of sodium, with using the low sodium V-8 juice. For people who have high blood pressure, this could be dangerous. Any suggestions? Please advise. The soup is delicious, but concerned about the sodium.

    • liz

      Don’t know where that source was from..

      The Fat Flush Kitchen Maven ran the entire soup recipe through her nutrition analysis software..

      There are some small variables of course depending on whether you choose ground beef or turkey. Even with the crushed tomatoes and beans not being LS, the average sodium for the recipe is about 450-550 mg.

      If there is still concern to purchase LS crushed tomatoes and garbanzo beans (both may not be readily available).

      Also, quite a bit of the sodium in the beans will be removed from draining and rinsing (which is specified in the recipe.)

      You know…we wouldn’t be getting such stellar results if the sodium was that high..the nutritional breakdown will obviously vary depending on serving size. She did her calculations based on 4 servings per recipe.

      (Which would be about 4- 3 cup servings…and actually many have told us that the portion is too large and were having closer to 2 cup servings) Anything less than a 3 cup serving will bring the sodium down even more.. 

  45. anka

    I am on day 6 of the FF P1 doing everything by the book (including the exercising and supplements part) and no cheating whatsoever…not only have I not lost any weight but I have gained 2 pounds, which is basically killing my motivation as we speak. I am 56 years old, and needed to lose about 10 pounds when I started, now we are talking about 12!
    Any advice?

    • Sierra

      Hi Anka!
      Please try not to be discouraged! It is early into the program for you, and often it takes 2 weeks of a new eating and lifestyle program before one will really see the results. Have you by chance taken your measurements? Many women find that they lose inches before they lose pounds. Also, your digestion is adjusting, I’m sure! If you are at all constipated, this could explain the 2 additional pounds. 400 mg -1200 mg of magnesium before bed should take care of that!
      If you stick with the plan, you will see results 🙂 If you’re looking for a boost, you might try adding the CLA-1000 to your regimen now, rather than later.
      Best wishes to you!

  46. Jessica

    I just started the phase 1 of the plan today. Is the above soup recipe allowed in phase 1? I want to make sure I follow the plan exactly.

  47. Michelle

    so nutritious and customizable… tastes 100x better if you let it sit overnite 1st! thank you for this wonderful base recipie.. i feel so much better just chopping and looking at all the yummy colors of veggies. everything in the pot is 100% great for you!

  48. Ivonne

    I am on week 20 and have lost 43 pounds so far on the Fat Flush Plan Phase 1 and the soup, alternating between the two. I usually add all the extra steps mentioned in the magazine and use daikon radish instead of mushrooms. I love the soup with lots of kale and I add a mix of ground flax seeds with cayenne and cumin to it when I’m ready to eat it. Breakfast consists of 2 eggs with either half a grapefruit or cooked sliced zucchini (or yellow squash) or a berry smoothie. I snack on apples and veggies and drink lots of cranwater. After 5 weeks on this diet my cholesterol level was approx. 50 points less than my previous doctor’s visit. I am also down several pant sizes. Much better than other diets.

  49. Marcela

    WOW! So delicious!!! I’m four months pregnant and I can’t seem to hold anything down, a friend at work told me about this soup and I thought why not try it?! I’m so greatful I did 🙂 I didn’t throw up after and in fact I ate it 3 times!!!! The only thing I did different was to boil the chicken breast (2) and then I shredded with the fork…OMG so gooood!! Thank you!!!

  50. susan

    Any answer to Jessica? I have the same question.


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