My Immunity Booster Is Giving Me Cravings. As a substitute teacher, I get sidelined by germs. I can’t afford the downtime this year, so I began taking elderberry daily. Happily, I haven’t had a cold or flu yet, and I get tons of work as teachers take sick days. But I’m constipated more than usual, and I’ve had mean sugar cravings. I think the supplement is to blame, but I want to take it until the school year is over. Any suggestions?

While using elderberry to help boost immunity, it’s important to take a daily supplement of probiotics, like Flora-Key. The reason: Elderberry is a powerful antiseptic that decimates the gut’s stores of healthy bacteria, so taking it daily for over a week can cause symptoms that indicate a resulting yeast overgrowth. These include constipation, bloat, vaginal yeast infections and intense sugar cravings. Probiotics will replenish healthy bacteria, plus help eliminate the problematic yeast, in about three weeks.

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