The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Tamara Rubin, aka ‘Lead Safe Mama,’ an internationally recognized and award winning Lead-poisoning prevention advocate. A proud mother of four sons, Tamara took on the cause of childhood Lead-poisoning (and consumer goods safety advocacy) after her children were acutely Lead-poisoned by the work of a painting contractor in 2005. As Tamara and Ann Louise discuss, childhood Lead poisoning is both the single-most costly and the single-most preventable environmental illness in the world today. Lead-poisoning was not “solved” with the 1978 “ban” on Lead in residential paint; more than 1 out of 3 children in America (and worldwide) today have had an unsafe level of Lead in their blood in their lifetime. Lead-poisoning causes permanent brain damage in young children and yet – still today – costs the United States more than $50.9 Billion annually! Through her public advocacy work and private consulting, Tamara has personally helped tens of thousands of families create safer homes and environments for their children and continues to personally help families every day. For those of you who have children, grandchildren or know people who do – this is a must listen to podcast to get educated about this preventable illness. You can follow Tamara’s work “@LeadSafeMama” on all of the various social media channels.

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