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Are Parasites Making You Fat and Tired?

The epidemic that can trigger weight gain, hinder digestion and zap energy. Over 20 years ago, the Chief of Pathobiology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Peter Weina, PhD, FACP, told me, “we have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the United States—it’s just not being identified.” And that assertion couldn’t be truer today. A focus of my work since my book Guess What Came to Dinner? Parasites Read More

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Part Two

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(Read Part One here) There’s more to losing weight than meets the eye. When you’ve counted every calorie, cut out all of your favorite foods and exercised until every muscle is sore, and the scale still doesn’t budge, it’s time to do the detective work to find the hidden causes holding you back from your progress and success. But there’s more – once you find the problems, you need realistic Read More

How to Take Charge of Lyme Disease and Live Your Best Life

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I was truly concerned. During the popular Parasite Summit I participated in recently , I didn’t realize how many of you are suffering with Lyme disease. When Lyme goes from the initial fatigue, fever, rash and body aches to become chronic and neurologic, it is one of the Mystery Diseases of the 21st century – difficult to diagnose and even more of a challenge to treat. I went in search Read More

My Intro to the World of Parasites

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How I discovered this hidden epidemic. If you’re one of the many who caught me on the Parasite Summit, thank you for tuning in! I hope you’ve left this summit feeling that you’re on a bright path towards discovery, health and healing. For those of you just getting to know me—or those of you who don’t know my story—I’d like to share how I became acquainted with this hidden epidemic Read More

Travel Alert: Parasite Prevention You Must Do

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Follow these tips to bring home only memories. Your “healthy” sunscreen is packed. CHECK! Your wide brimmed hat is in the bag. CHECK! Even healthy snacks are now part of your travel accompaniments. But there’s one thing I bet will be forgotten on far too many of the approximately 1.7 billions trips  taken this year. No matter where your travels may lead you (even here in the USA) you need to be proactive Read More

Is it Safe to Drink the Water?

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Simple steps to purify the toxins you can’t see. We know that water is critical to our health and that our bodies are composed of over half water. In our toxic world with continually emerging news of contamination, we may be wondering what’s hiding itself in this clear liquid, what it’s doing to our bodies, and if there are any safe sources left. Most of us would cringe at the Read More

Parasites 101

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Inside a hidden epidemic. My webinar on the topic of parasites aired last night, but for those of you who missed it, you didn’t miss out on the chance to learn all about these silent critters which are causing so many health concerns. The chilling reality may very well be that 8 out of 10 of us could be suffering from one or more microscopic vampires or even larger organisms. Read More

Toxin-Proof Your Body

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How to cleanse pollutants from your system. There certainly have been some scary stories in the news lately. In Flint, Michigan, a group of children were tested for lead due to contaminated water, and nearly 5 percent of them had elevated levels. Lead is a potent neurotoxin and can dramatically lower IQ. Unfortunately, this isn’t new news. As worrisome as the news out of Flint is, wrap your mind around Read More

6 Travel Tips To Never Ignore

Don’t let your dream vacation turn into a health nightmare. It’s the getaway you’ve looked forward to all year—an adventure to some exotic location—warm weather, sunshine, a change of scenery with maybe a palm tree or two. But, what you’re probably not expecting is the possibility of a parasitic infection that can leave you with a spoiled trip and an ensuing health problem that stays with you long after the memories of your vacation Read More

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Why water purity matters now more than ever. Watching the news this week, I’ve witnessed the sheer devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy all over the East Coast—my home for more than half of my life. My heart goes out to all of you in the region affected by the storm – you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers throughout the recovery process. As a nutritionist and health advocate for the Read More