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From the Fat Flush Grapevine

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Get the lowdown on produce codes. Eat clean. Eat organic. Avoid genetically modified foods. These are the “new rules of health” championed for years by the Fat Flush Plan. How can you tell what is healthy food-wise? A little-known secret is that produce is labeled with a coded sticker that tells you not only if it is organic versus conventionally grown, but if it is genetically modified (GM). The trick Read More

On-the-Go Grocery Shopping Smarts

My tips for healthy choices aisle by aisle. Let’s go shopping! Food shopping, that is. Like many of you, “fast food” is often all my busy schedule allows these days—but I don’t mean the kind that involves a drive through window. Today, I’m sharing with you what ends up in my cart when I head to my local health food store in search of quick snacks and ingredients for simple meals Read More