No matter what illness you face, good health begins with restoring health at the cellular level.

Whether you’re facing a chronic illness, a terminal diagnosis, or a collection of confusing symptoms with no real answers, there is hope. Someone, somewhere has triumphed over the very thing you are struggling with, and you can too! It’s time for a new perspective.

“The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would not be to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes.”– Marcel Proust

In parts one and two of this series, we looked at the roles suppressed emotions, genes and environment all play in illness at the cellular level. I want to demystify some of the most mysterious illnesses we deal with and show you how to detox and rebuild at the cellular level. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

What’s In Your Mouth?

I had the pleasure of getting to know Hal Huggins, the pioneer of biological dentistry, during the height of his dental research and practice days, before his passing. He was the best dentist I’ve ever been under the care of and my dear personal friend. What he taught me about hidden dental infections and their impact on our overall health completely changed the way I think about dentistry. He found through his research that high-copper mercury amalgams, nickel based “chrome crowns” (used especially in children), root canals, and cavitations were all major contributors to systemic diseases.

In 1975, high copper dental amalgams were introduced as “state of the art” fillings, and it was found they released 50 times more mercury than the previous amalgam. Dr. Huggins found that mercury can attach to almost any cell in the body and create autoimmune diseases in that tissue, from multiple sclerosis to Lou Gehrig’s ALS, seizures, lupus, and so much more.

Dr. Huggins continued some of the work of renowned dentist Weston A. Price. He discovered the anaerobic bacteria found in root-canaled teeth cause a variety of illnesses. The bacteria he studied affected the heart, nervous system, kidneys, liver, and one attacked the sinus of the brain and killed red blood cells there.

Because of the structure of teeth, regardless of the sterilizing agents use, 990 of the 1000 root-canaled teeth grew bacteria just 2 days later. This bacteria concentrates inside the tooth, in the blood around the tooth, and is most concentrated in the periodontal ligament and bone surrounding the dead tooth. Every time a person with a root canal bites down, these bacteria are flushed into the blood stream, where they then travel to their target organs to do their damage. Just the presence of the dead tooth is enough to cause the immune system to launch an attack, which down the road leads to autoimmune disease.

When you choose to have the tooth extracted, or pulled, instead of the root canal, Dr. Huggins found it was essential to remove that portion of the periodontal ligament as well. When the ligament was left in place, the body was confused into thinking the tooth was still there, and didn’t send the chemical signals for the healing of the bone to take place. What’s left is called a cavitation, or a hole in the bone the size of the roots of the diseased tooth. The same bacteria the tooth was infected with sits in that cavitation, plus several others. These bacteria not only travel to target sites like the heart, nervous system, kidneys, and lungs, but also causes a long term drain on the immune system, leading to autoimmune diseases and even cancer.

I have dealt with these hidden dental infections myself, and the most effective treatment I’ve found has been ozone injections done by an IOAMT-certified dentist. This is the group of dentists that has carried on Dr. Huggins research and updated and even improved his safe dentistry techniques. They are also who I would recommend to remove mercury amalgams and root canals safely, so these toxic metals don’t move downstream and cause further illness.

Candida Overgrowth and Detoxing

Candida albicans was found in almost half of the cavitations Dr. Huggins studied. It is an opportunistic yeast that can both help and harm. It’s beneficial in its yeast form, and helps with demethylation of methyl-mercury, and destroys harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract. But once you start experiencing bloating, fatigue, sugar cravings, “brain fog” and more, these are the common signs that candida has overgrown and shifted into it’s toxic form.

When the pH in the digestive tract shifts, whether it’s from emotional stress, illness, or poor diet reducing the amount of stomach acid you have, this causes candida to convert to its fungal form, which then penetrates the intestinal wall and leaves microscopic holes behind. This is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, and allows toxins, undigested food, bacteria, and other yeasts into the bloodstream to travel to target organs and cause damage. It also leads to allergies and autoimmune conditions, and weakens the immune system, which allows a variety of diseases to develop.

The key to detoxing candida is to first use a good quality HCl supplement to restore healthy stomach acid levels, then to cleanse the yeast with a gentle but effective product like UNI KEY Health’s Y-C Cleanse. Finally, a high quality probiotic that can be easily taken in large doses is needed to repopulate your intestines with the healthy bacteria. My personal probiotic of choice is Flora-Key from UNI KEY Health, which I not only take as a supplement, but also enjoy as a light sweetener sprinkled on smoothies or fresh fruit.

It’s important to avoid sugar and fungus-forming foods like mushrooms and ferments while trying to eradicate candida overgrowth and rebalance your microbiome. Cleansing may take months, and may cause unpleasant but brief detox reactions as excess ammonia is released from the candida dying off. It’s also important to not get constipated during the detox process. If you find elimination becoming difficult, toxins are building up, and magnesium  needed to get things moving again.

The Diet For Healthy Cells

You’ve done the tests from Part One (read more here), discovered your suppressed emotions and found healthy ways to release them (read more here), and now you’ve unearthed root causes behind your most troubling symptoms, so what’s next? Diet. Detox doesn’t work by itself; a diet that feeds your cells the nutrients they need to keep cleansing and rebuilding is essential for your health going forward.

My Radical Metabolism plan was created for anyone with a toxic metabolism, whether you need to lose weight or not. This lifestyle helps you find hidden toxins that contribute to your fatigue and cellular energy breakdown, and helps you rebuild and nourish your body from the cellular level. I invite you to order the book, then join my Radical Metabolism Facebook group to read the encouraging results people are having, from improved thyroid function to radical weight loss.

See you inside!

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