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Jump Start Your Spring Cleansing with This Cutting-Edge Detox Therapy

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High-Tech detoxification and cleansing therapies are hotter than ever right now. Spring has sprung and it’s time to shed the winter sluggishness and get the toxins moving out. To achieve and maintain weight loss and optimal health year-round, it’s essential to integrate advanced detoxification techniques with your healthy diet and exercise routine. Spring cleansing is not a new idea; it’s been practiced in cultures around the world for centuries. Sauna Read More

Spring Into Liver Lovin’ Time!

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Give this incredible organ the respect it deserves. Next month heralds the return of spring. Spring is traditionally the time in which the liver needs to be nourished according to traditional Chinese medicine. I’ll admit it…I’m in awe of the liver. As far as I’m concerned, this amazing organ nestled away in the right side of the abdomen has more than earned its name, which is derived from an old Read More

Top 5 Super Supplements for Spring

It’s the season to love your liver! Today is the first day of spring, and although the calendar doesn’t lie, sometimes the weather gets confused these days. It’s snowing in Idaho and 82 degrees in Chicago. But regardless of your locale, your body knows that from March 20-June 19 is the best time of the year to direct your detox intentions to the liver. Your liver, after all, is your Read More