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A Tribute to the Woman Who Changed My Life

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Honoring the timeless Dr. Hazel Parcells. Anyone who knows me or has followed my career surely knows about my deep admiration and respect for my mentor, Dr. Hazel Parcells—who lived to be 106! Yesterday she would have turned 118 and I honestly thought that she would live that long! I had the absolute privilege of working with Dr. Parcells personally—and soaked up all of the wisdom that she shared. She Read More

Live to 120

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The longevity secrets to extend your youth span. My mentor, Dr. Hazel Parcells, lived till 106. As the grande dame of alternative medicine, she was wise, well spoken, and decades ahead of her time. Her life experience didn’t come easy. She earned every single year of her long life after a diagnosis of incurable tuberculosis complicated with heart and kidney issues. Dr. Parcells was forced to change the way she Read More