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What is CLA and Why Should You Care?

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Is CLA really “liposuction in a bottle?” You may have heard that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a trans fat. You may even be alarmed by that statement, because we’ve learned that trans fats are bad. And, yes, technically, that’s correct – but only if we’re talking about the processed, man-made versions. CLA is a “good” trans fat that exists naturally in our food sources, which means it is vastly Read More

It’s Time for Fat Flush QuickStart!

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Fat Flush QuickStart is making waves all over social media… My Fat Flush QuickStart is a streamlined plan that fires up your fat-burning furnace and melts away cellulite while preserving your skin tone – no more loose, hanging skin that so often comes with rapid weight loss. This plan is set apart from all the others with its multi-faceted integration of cutting-edge metabolism-boosting strategies— like intermittent fasting, for one – Read More

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – Part Two

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(Read Part One here) There’s more to losing weight than meets the eye. When you’ve counted every calorie, cut out all of your favorite foods and exercised until every muscle is sore, and the scale still doesn’t budge, it’s time to do the detective work to find the hidden causes holding you back from your progress and success. But there’s more – once you find the problems, you need realistic Read More

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Part One of Two It’s not always your fault you can’t shed those extra pounds. If you are like most people, this isn’t your first weight loss rodeo. You’ve exercised, counted calories, cut out fat, then cut out protein, and now even carbs. Maybe the weight came off, but chances are you’ve regained most, if not all, of what you lost. I want to encourage you: YOU can lose the Read More

Eat Dessert, Lose Weight During the Holidays

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Eat, drink, and shrink with Smart Fats and Smart Sweeteners. Thanksgiving is here! It seems like it was just last year when we gathered with our families for Turkey Day. There is so much to give thanks for—and I am so grateful for all of YOU who have been so tremendously supportive for the past three decades! That’s why I am sharing one of my latest culinary creations for your enjoyment. While Read More

Eat Fat, Lose Weight Now

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Eat, drink and shrink during the holidays! As many of you may or may not know, I am a Columbia University trained nutritionist, award winning New York Times bestselling author of 30 books, wife, mother to a terrific 31-year-old stepdaughter, functional and integrative medicine advocate, former music teacher, model and go-go dancer (yes), and pioneer. I have been on the front lines of health and healing now for well over Read More