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Ann Louise’s Blog

Ann Louise’s Blog

Solving the Crohn's and Colitis Puzzle
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Solving the Crohn’s and Colitis Puzzle

I started my career rewriting the rules of nutrition by getting people off of sugar, gluten, dairy, and unhealthy fats. This was 1988, when no one was talking about gluten yet – except me. In my decades of nutrition practice, I’ve found a correlation between non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, dairy intolerance and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Removing these foods often leads Read More

Nutritional Supplement Quality
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What’s in YOUR Nutritional Supplements?

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal. You’re just starting the Fat Flush Plan and are staring at the list of UNI KEY supplements used in the program. They may stretch your budget, so you question: “What am I actually paying for?” Why not go find the cheapest comparable product online, or in the local pharmacy or big box store? Read More

Tame the Sugar Monster
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Taming the Sugar Monster

Sugar does NOT bring out the best in us. Researchers have tried to convince us that sugar doesn’t cause hyperactivity, but any mother or teacher can tell you that it certainly does. The problem with the research is it’s looking at the blood sugar, and that’s not where the problem lies. The trouble lies in the effect sugar has on Read More

Can You Do Keto?
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The Dynamic Duo: The Keto-Bile Connection

Healthy fats are the new nutrition superstar. The Ketogenic Diet has grown in popularity, thanks to its powerful weight loss effects. "Keto" is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet that transitions your body into burning fats as its primary fuel instead of carbs. This diet has been used medically for decades to control seizures, but now is becoming Read More

New Safe and Effective Contraception
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Beyond the Pill: Contraception Goes Digital

Technology is changing the conversation around birth control for women. If you are one of the millions of women searching for safe, effective contraception, then this may be the most exciting thing you read all year. Natural Cycles has been approved as a class IIb medical device by a German-based certification organization, and was classified as a contraceptive in the Read More

Read My Lips
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Read My Lips: Face Reading for Health

Your health is written all over your face. You can read your face like a book.  And that’s what my good friend and award-winning author Rebecca Wood did for me several weeks ago. I was so impressed, I asked her to share her face reading secrets with you. Here’s what she told me: Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed an uncanny Read More

MRI Toxicity
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The Toxic Truth About MRI

Marcie Jacob was a fighter. Her story starts in 2001, with her first MRI. She had a strong family history of breast cancer, and decided that regular MRI screening was her best option for prevention. Before each MRI, she was injected with a Gadolinium-based contrast agent, to make images as clear and detailed as possible. After only a few scans, Read More

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Missing Minerals that Make Menopause Miserable

Zap menopause symptoms and balance hormones. Key vitamins and minerals are a woman's best friend to zap menopause symptoms and balance hormones. Thankfully supplying missing minerals and vitamins can help quell symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, bloating, and irritability that are often the result of low tissue levels of a vitamin or mineral. The good news about symptoms caused Read More