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Eat Fat Lose Weight

‘Eat Fat, Lose Weight’ Uncovers the Sneaky Digestive Glitch Blocking Weight Loss

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Lose 5 pounds weekly and cleanse and tone to relieve 50 symptoms! It’s quite staggering, really.  Every year nearly one half million gallbladders are removed.  The result in many cases is that weight gain skyrockets.  Your ability to detoxify is sabotaged. To put it simply, your gallbladder stores and releases bile which helps to break down fats and acts as a toxic waste dump for the removal of toxins from the liver. Without a gallbladder, there Read More

Eat Dessert, Lose Weight During the Holidays

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Eat, drink, and shrink with Smart Fats and Smart Sweeteners. Thanksgiving is here! It seems like it was just last year when we gathered with our families for Turkey Day. There is so much to give thanks for—and I am so grateful for all of YOU who have been so tremendously supportive for the past three decades! That’s why I am sharing one of my latest culinary creations for your enjoyment. While Read More

Debunking Those Big Fat Lies

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Uncover the Secrets to How You Can Eat Fat, Lose Weight Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? But the truth is that eating the right kind of fat  is one of the keys to effortless weight loss. Here is a sneak preview of my revised and updated book, Eat Fat Lose Weight: How Smart Fats Reset Metabolism, Stress, Hunger and Sex Hormones for lasting weight loss and radiant health.  The Kindle version launches December 1, 2015, but it’s Read More