I’m 44 years old, and my doctor says I have very low blood pressure. Plus, my hands are constantly cold and I feel exhausted all the time. A friend who reads a lot about nutrition says it sounds like a glandular problem that could be caused by all the junk food I eat. I think she’s just being preachy, but could she be right?

Possibly. A diet loaded with sweets can lead to adrenal gland burnout, which may cause the symptoms you mentioned. Your adrenal glands govern the body’s fight-or-flight response, but everyday stress, combined with a high-carb diet, can create mental and physical strain that exhaust the adrenals-and you! Keep glands healthy (and regain energy) by eating a protein-rich diet packed with lots of raw veggies to get the amino acids and enzymes that optimize adrenal gland functioning.

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