I’m craving sweets all the time, so it’s tough to shed 20 very stubborn pounds.  What’s an easy fix?

You can start drinking more black tea. It contains a variety of specialized carbs called polysaccharides that make it especially effective (more so than even green tea) at slowing glucose entry into the bloodstream. This is key to warding off erratic blood sugar fluctuations. These polysaccharides also inhibit alphaglucasidase, an enzyme that converts starch into glucose to further help stabilize blood sugar. The result: You’ll be free of cravings, feel full longer and belly fat will melt off faster.

To enjoy these tummy-trimming perks, drink three to four cups of black tea daily, spread throughout the day. For best results, let the tea steep for 15 minutes to draw out all the important compounds.  (If the brew is too cool after steeping, simply reheat it to your liking.) But avoid adding milk or cream since it hinders the body’s absorption of tea’s beneficial compounds.

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