I lost weight on a low-cal plan, but my belly bulge hasn’t budged. Can a diet tweak help?

Yes! You can target fat around the waist with calcium and vitamin D, according to new research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In the study women on a low-calorie diet drank three 8 oz. glasses of orange juice fortified to deliver a total of 1,050 mg of calcium and 300 IUs of vitamin D daily. After 16 weeks, the women had trimmed 4.5 more belly inches and 10 times more visceral fat (the dangerous fat that surrounds the organs) than a control group who didn’t get the nutrients. How it works: Experts suggest that calcium and vitamin D work synergistically to speed the breakdown of fat.

While the study used fortified OJ, I believe getting that much additional sugar can disrupt blood sugar and hinder your weight loss so I would just stick to plain Calcium and Vitamin D.

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