Between decorating, visiting relatives and attending holiday events, I’m tired and on edge and my cravings are out of control. What can help?

Dealing with holiday busyness is stressful enough—add in the strain of coping with emotional issues that may arise when spending time with extended family and many women find themselves struggling with fatigue, cravings and irritability.

The good news: There’s an easy way to restore your sense of well-being. Four times throughout the day, add 1 drop of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to 8 oz. of filtered water and sip. Flower remedies, which were developed by alternative-health practitioners in the 1930’s, help neutralize negative energy in the body to ease emotional and physical symptoms you describe. Many of my clients report feeling a wave of peace and relaxation set in almost immediately after sipping  the beverage—plus reduced cravings and willpower all day long.

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