Dark circles started appearing under my eyes three months ago. I thought it was from holiday stress, so I’ve made an effort to relax and get plenty of sleep. But they’re still not going away. What gives?

 In my clinical experience, persistent dark circles often signal a parasite problem, especially if you’ve also been struggling with weight gain, fatigue, yellowed skin or chronic digestive issues. Fortunately, a few diet changes can eliminate these intruders. I advise consuming 1 to 2 cups of vitamin A-rich veggies (like leafy greens and sweet potatoes), as well as 4 oz. of zinc-rich beef, turkey or pumpkin seeds and 1/2 cup of sulfuric seasonings like onions and garlic daily. These foods work together to kill parasites. You’ll also need to cut back on sugar, dairy and processed foods, which feed the bugs. Your dark circles and other symptoms should disappear within five days, but it’s best to continue this diet for six months to ward off reinfestation from eggs.

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