I’m Gaining And I Don’t Know Why!  To prepare for shorts season, I dieted all spring and lost 12 pounds.  It was great getting all those compliments at barbecues!  But over the summer, I slowly gained back weight because I was having intense cravings and felt too tired to exercise.  Did my dieting backfire?

Don’t worry—this had nothing to do with your efforts to lose weight.  The likely culprit: parasites that often inhabit the meat and poultry in typical summer fare.  While high heat and thorough cooking typically eradicate these critters, quick grilling often gives parasites like protozoa a free pass.  Once in the gut, parasites absorb the nutrients that our bodies need to keep energy high.  These organisms also release biochemical signals to the digestive tract that are registered by the brain as hunger.  The result: overeating, sugar cravings and fatigue.  Fortunately, you can get rid of these parasites by consuming naturally antiparasitic raw garlic.  Just add two cloves (which you can grate or chop) to salads or sandwiches daily for 30 days and you should experience fewer cravings and restored energy.

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