At my physical last week, my doctor told me I shouldn’t keep taking my calcium pill because it may be doing more harm than good. But I’m concerned about osteoporosis. Should I listen to his advice?

The backlash against calcium supplements stems from a study in the journal Heart. Researchers found that the pills can increase the risk of heart attacks by up to 86 percent. But what reports on this study fail to explain is that women who take less than 500 mg at a time (the amount the body can readily use) don’t have to worry. The heart problems are caused when excess calcium coats the arteries and creates heart-harming blockages.

That said, I’d still suggest following your doctor’s advice. Most women get the calcium they need from dairy and leafy greens—and food sources of calcium pose no risk to the heart. For extra bone protection, supplement with 150 mcg of vitamin K, a nutrient that helps ferry calcium into bones to safeguard against weakening.

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