I want to do a cleanse to shed belly inches before my son’s wedding this fall. But I’ve gotten terrible migraines from detoxing in the past. What can I do to avoid the pain?

Migraines are often a sign that you’re doing too much too soon. Fasting releases toxins from fat cells and shuttles them to the liver to be broken down. But often the liver is too clogged with toxins and fats to optimally perform its duties. This causes impurities to build in the blood, triggering headaches, nausea and fatigue. To avoid this, eat at least one daily serving each of citrus, cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens for two weeks prior to cleansing. These foods help neutralize toxins and emulsify fat deposits that stall liver function. Also, cut back on sugar, alcohol, heavy meats and nuts, which are hard for the liver to process. In addition to warding off side effects, this strategy will free up the organ to burn more fat before and after your cleanse.

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