When my husband surprised me with cruise tickets for our 25th anniversary in May, I decided to try a juice cleanse to lose 25 pounds fast. But I had to stop after just five days because I felt so bloated and run-down, plus I put on 3 pounds! What did I do wrong?

Many first-time detoxers eliminate all healthy fat sources during a cleanse. Why that’s a mistake: Essential fatty acids attract fat-soluble toxins lodged in cells and usher them out of the body. Without enough healthy fats, you are more likely to experience signs of toxic buildup, including headaches, fatigue, bloat and even weight gain. To combat these symptoms, simply take at least 1 Tbs. of omega-3 rich flaxseed oil or fish oil per day during your detox.

Also smart: Stir 1Tbs. of chia seeds or ground flaxseed into one or two of your juices every day. This will add fiber, which helps move stagnant waste out of the digestive tract to combat bloat and constipation.

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