My coworker started taking a raspberry ketone supplement because she heard it targets belly fat, and she swears it helped her lose 3 inches from her waistline in three weeks. I’ve like to see results like that, but when I searched ketones online, I saw so many shady-looking products. Is it legit?

You’re smart to ask. There’s plenty of evidence that raspberry ketones can deliver incredible results. Many of my clients who take the supplement report losing 3 to 5 pounds—and up to 1 inch from their waistline—every week. And those perks come without diet or exercise. But because there’s limited regulation on such dietary supplements, you could end up with a product that’s mostly made up of fillers and additives—not the active ingredient that will actually jump-start fat burning.

That’s why I tell all my clients to consider three key factors before buying any dietary supplement:
(1) Look at the label to see if the product is made in the United States. Many of the raspberry-ketone supplements made in China have been shown to contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to your health.
(2) Go to the manufacturer’s website to make sure their production facilities have been inspected and approved by the FDA. This is a sign that the product is manufactured according to quality standards.
(3) Opt for a product that contains the clinically studied dosage for weight loss. In Japanese studies, 100 mg of raspberry ketones daily before breakfast was shown to reduce fat accumulation and storage by a whopping 62 percent.

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