I’ve dropped 23 pounds this fall and I want to keep it that way, but holiday sweets are my weakness. Help!

My first line of defense against holiday temptation is apple cider vinegar—the more of this tangy liquid you can sneak into your diet, the fewer sweets you’ll crave. That’s because the acetic acid in the vinegar works to slow the rate at which carbs are broken down and released into the bloodstream. This helps to stabilize blood-sugar levels and keep appetite in check. In fact, a study at the University of Arizona in Tucson found that people who sipped apple cider vinegar before a carb-rich meal consumed up to 275 fewer calories the rest of the day.

To get the perks, enjoy a salad tossed with 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbs. of olive oil and 1 tsp. of mustard, or sip 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 Tbs. of water and 1 tsp. of honey, at least once per day. Hint: You’ll have the easiest time avoiding desserts at parties and other festivities if you take your daily does of apple cider vinegar 30 to 60 minutes before the event.

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