Do I Really Have To Drink That Much Water?  I know drinking water is good for me, but I don’t like the taste of it.  And now I hear that we should be drinking more like 11 glasses (not 8) daily.  Is there a more exciting way to meet my quota?

New guidelines do suggest that women tack on three more glasses of water daily, and I believe doing so will help eliminate health-harming toxins.  The good news is that water-rich foods (including fruits like berries and melons, vegetables like lettuce and cucumbers, rich dishes and soups) count toward your water intake.  Generally, two servings of these foods is the equivalent of one 8 oz. serving of water.  There are also new products that make water tastier, like the citrus powders True Lime and True Lemon, at grocery stores) and flavored stevia extracts like SweetLeaf Stevia in Valencia orange and apricot flavors (available at health food stores and

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