Stop me-I’m a bread addict!  Just love bread, especially crusty sourdough and toasty rye loaves. Unfortunately, this addiction has caused me to pack on about 40 pounds-and I think it’s behind my chronic headaches and constipation. How can I overcome it?

It’s hard to deny the allure of great bread-even the aroma is intoxicating. But I think this addiction is to yeast rather than bread. Your symptoms indicate possible yeast overload, which can cause cravings for yeasty foods, gut inflammation, chronic sinus infections, fatigue, brain fog, thinning hair, acne and ear, throat or vaginal infections.

I suggest drinking three daily cups of Pau d’ Arco tea (try Alvita Caffeine Free Pau D’Arco Tea Bags, $4 for 24, at steeped for 15 minutes. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to counter the cravings and other yeast overload effects. And for any lingering cravings-and to prevent another yeast overload-switch to yeast-free breads such as tortillas. Or use a yeast-free bread mix (like Chebe Bread, available at supermarkets and health-food stores) to bake your own hearty loaves.  With this approach, you should be able to drop a pant size in a week.

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