It’s infuriating me that my doctor insists the 53 pounds I’ve gained in the last year are just a normal part of turning 40! He’s ignored the fact that my morning tea, fruit and yogurt used to keep me satisfied till lunch, but now I’m tired, cranky and starving by midmorning. And for the first time ever, I constantly crave sweets. What gives?

Your symptoms sound like impaired glucose metabolism, a condition in which insulin loses the ability to help cells use glucose as fuel. The resulting blood sugar spikes trigger fatigue, mood swings and cravings for sweets, plus signal the liver to store fat. But an easy breakfast switch can restore well-being. Sweeten your tea and plain yogurt with the herbal sweetener stevia, which improves glucose metabolism with daily use. (Try SteviaPlus available at health-food stores.) I also advise taking a cinnamon supplement. A compound in the herb called methylhydroxy chalcone polymer lowered blood sugar spikes by 20 percent to help Finnish women in one study lose an average of 13 pounds in a month. (Try Cinnergen available at drug or call 800-378-4786.)

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